SVL Consultancy

SVL Consultancy is the UK’s most experienced provider of services that enable organisations operating contact centres and control rooms to maximise the attainment of business benefits for deployments of advanced applications.

They include:

  • Quality Management
  • Analytics
  • Workforce Optimisation
  • Real-Time Process Optimisation
  • Technical Consultancy

How We Work
SVL Consultancy conducts a detailed business needs analysis to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of current contact centre processes. This provides unrivalled insights and measures the extent to which the required results are being achieved. Structured observation and interviews provide a clearer understanding of individual process issues and pain points.

Service delivery effectiveness is analysed and benchmarked against the latest industry best practice data and SVL’s extensive experience with other similar organisations.

A categorised set of viable recommendations is provided that aligns to organisational, tactical and strategic goals with a technology roadmap that shows how to achieve business benefits in the short, medium and longer term.

SVL takes a pragmatic and collaborative approach to every client interaction. All findings and subsequent recommendations are built on fact and evidenced with quantifiable data and observations. Identified improvement opportunities are quantified in terms of monetary gains or FTE when applicable.

Post-implementation consultancy assignments quantify the impact of installed systems and suggest further improvements to current processes and workflows.

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