SmartVoice ViewPoint Drives Additional Business For Powerdial Systems

Powerdial Services Expands Portfolio of IT and Telecommunications Services With Customer Feedback Solutions From SVL Business Solutions.

SmartVoice ViewPoint has struck a chord with Powerdial’s clients, enabling them to capture the voice of customers immediately after contacts and gain a real-world understanding of their experiences.

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Liquid Voice delivers PCI Compliance for Norton Finance Group

Norton Finance Group, one of the UK’s leading independent finance brokers, has installed a Liquid Voice Recording platform. It is enabling the organisation to effectively achieve PCI compliance and meet all regulatory requirements relating to taking payments over the telephone. The system is also delivering operational savings by reducing the time it takes to retrieve […]

3rd February 2017

Real-Time Process Optimisation Ageas Retail Intermediary

Ageas Retail Intermediary has automated previously manual, time consuming processes to enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs and deliver an enhanced customer service.

28th October 2015

South Lanarkshire Centralises Call Handling And Achieves PCI Compliance

Migrating the decentralised contact centres and has enabled South Lanarkshire to comply with PCI DSS regulations, deliver a higher level of customer service and achieve significant efficiency improvements.

30th September 2015

North East Ambulance Service Enhances Operational Efficiency

NEAS has centralised recording across all sites using digital, analogue and VoIP telephony with integration to its Capita ICCS system.

28th September 2015

Voice Recording Improves Incident Response At Greater Manchester Fire And Rescue Service

A new voice recording solution was installed within two weeks of receiving the contract and provides faster access to recordings from any networked PC.

27th September 2015

Voice Recording In A Virtual Environment Improves Service Delivery For North Lincolnshire

North Lincolnshire has installed a flexible voice recording platform that can be extended to other departments regardless of telephone system used.

26th September 2015

East Dunbartonshire Council Improves Measurement Of Customer Satisfaction Levels

SmartVoice ViewPoint enables East Dunbartonshire Council to quantify the customer service experience in real-time and take instant action should the contact centre fail to meet its usual high standards.

25th September 2015

Improving Productivity And Efficiency In Healthcare

Tunstall Healthcare has eliminated the time-consuming manual processes involved in locating and replaying calls for quality monitoring to improve productivity and efficiency.

22nd September 2015

Automating The Customer Feedback Process Helps Salix Homes To Meet The Needs Of Residents

Automating the survey process enables Salix Homes to achieve cost savings by redeploying staff to other productive activities.

21st September 2015

Centralised voice recording helps BCW Group to deliver first class service

BCW Group records all calls across multiple contact centres to streamline the recovery process, speed up the dispute resolution process and enable the delivery of a first class customer service.

17th September 2015

Kwik Fit Financial Services drives up contact centre customer service

Kwik-Fit Financial Services has deployed a state-of-the-art recording solution to comply with regulatory requirements and improve the quality of service provided to customers, delivering an 80% reduction in the number of complaints.

6th August 2015


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