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Helping save lives

It’s great when you enjoy your job.

Even better, though, is when you know the product you provide helps keep people safe, solve crimes, and brings speedy access to the Police, Fire and Ambulance Services which can save a life.

Not a function you would normally associate with a software company, but one we have proudly become accustomed to over decades at SVL.

Our role started by providing call recording for our local Police Force. A vital service, but one which has extended over the decades into a hugely sophisticated process which can now reconstruct incidents, synchronise isolated information from an array of evidence (text, audio and video files) allowing investigators and prosecutors to evaluate and use.

We are proud to support the Emergency Services across the UK.

First-line response is crucial across all three “blue-light” services. A control centre handling emergency calls or managing security operations must have 100% trust in its operations. Down-time is not an option. So, in partnership with NICE, we have developed NICE Inform.

NICE Inform captures the full spectrum of multimedia interactions with synchronised post- incident reconstructions giving 360 degree chronological, visual and audible histories of everything as it happened.

Think of the myriad of communications around a serious incident. Piecing together this data can shine a light on a tragedy and prevent others from happening.

In one system we can collate and review;

  • Analogue and digital telephony
  • Radio communications
  • Ambient recording
  • CCTV
  • On-Screen Data
  • Text Messaging
  • Computer-Aided Dispatch systems
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Still Images

Inform Evaluator enables evaluation of everything from a single interaction to complex incidents involving multiple channels, interactions and people. It helps emergency centres identify and improve performance issues, knowledge gaps and compliance risks

This software protects the integrity of data while maintaining chain of custody.

But like any other contact centre, the Emergency Services manage their own performance and work-force planning.

Our software combines data from CAD, telephony and radio to provide near real-time snapshots of performance across multiple dimensions – call volumes, durations and hold times, dispatch times, on-scene response times, Quality Assessment scores, and more – with the ability to drill down to listen to associated audio recordings.

It has been amazing to watch the software develop over the years, but it is also really heartening to work with the Emergency Services across the UK.


Lee Sheard is a Business Development Manager for SVL and has spent 18 years in the contact centre industry.

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