SmartVoice Replay

Easy long term storage and playback of historical audio transactions.

Developed by SVL Business Solutions, SmartVoice Replay enables organisations operating in regulated market sectors, where the long term retention of audio transactions is required, to consolidate the long term storage of historical audio transactions onto a single, up to date platform.

It delivers significant savings and efficiency improvements as it eliminates the need to retain and maintain legacy systems as replay-only platforms as they go out of support along with the operating systems, database servers and hardware on which they are hosted.

SmartVoice Replay allows aging legacy voice recorders to be decommissioned and all stored audio and meta-data exported to a single, simplified and supportable platform running on off-the-shelf hardware and Microsoft-based operating system and application infrastructure.

Authorised users can quickly and easily playback historical audio transactions, made on one or more voice recording systems regardless of manufacturer, using a standard web browser.

SmartVoice Replay Brochure

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