Liquid Voice expands solution portfolio with Liquid Analytics

Liquid Voice has announced the immediate availability of Liquid Analytics. 

This new contact centre tool includes the latest generation transcription engine, developed by Speechmatics in partnership with the University of Cambridge, and uses deep neural networks to achieve an average accuracy of 85% on recordings. The Liquid Analytics transcription engine has been independently benchmarked and consistently outperforms other leading systems to deliver unrivalled operational insight to increase contact centre productivity and performance.

According to Chris Berry, Managing Director of Liquid Voice (UK): “Liquid Analytics overcomes the limitation of traditional phonetic indexing which only works if the system is programmed with all the exact phrases that will be searched for. It automatically recognises any phrase and uses natural language processing to group together other phrases with the same meaning. This delivers significant time savings by eliminating the need for staff to listen to calls and create lists of phrases to search for.”

Liquid Analytics enables a comprehensive range of standard reports to be run in seconds by pre-analysing the data. More advanced users can use the built in tools to analyse the data in greater depth using a full range of machine learning, third party analytics tools and statistical techniques. Expert users can extend this reporting capability using SQL or R. In addition, an integrated predictive analytics capability uses historical data, statistical algorithms and machine learning techniques to provide a best assessment of what is likely happen in the future.

This industry-leading solution supports more than 72 languages and uses cutting edge automatic speech recognition and machine learning techniques to build new language capabilities in short timescales. More advanced users can use the built in tools to analyse the data in greater depth using a full range of machine learning and statistical techniques. Liquid Analytics also links to third party analytics tools and expert users can extend this reporting capability using SQL or R.

Available as a premise or cloud-based solution, Liquid Analytics can be installed as part of a complete Liquid Voice deployment or as an overlay with other leading interaction recording brands including ASC, CyberTech, NICE and Verint as well as many of the lesser known systems. Liquid Voice also offers a fully managed service to make the end-to-end deployment a pain-free process.

8th May 2018

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27th July 2018

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19th July 2018


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