NICE Inform Elite Delivers Incident Intelligence to Public Safety Control Centres

NICE Inform Elite is the eighth generation of this industry-leading multimedia incident information management solution for public safety control centres. It delivers incident intelligence that empowers public safety organisations to improve their operational performance, provide better quality service and make smarter decisions.

“All emergency communication centres have performance targets they strive to meet,” said Chris Wooten, executive vice president, NICE. “They need to stay on top of these targets to ensure they’re performing at the highest levels and keeping the public safe. NICE Inform Elite provides access to the incident intelligence needed to make smarter, faster decisions, along with workflow automation tools to optimise quality and operational performance.”

NICE Inform Elite adds four new core capabilities to complement Inform’s already robust applications. They include:

CAD Incident Analytics
NICE Inform Elite’s CAD Incident Analytics streamlines the fulfillment of audio reproduction requests process by eliminating unnecessary steps and improving search precision. Users can now bypass the CAD system and type the CAD incident ID/report number directly into Inform Elite. All multimedia recordings related to the incident (emergency calls, radio, screens and SMS texts) are instantly retrieved and merged onto one timeline, along with CAD event data showing when the initial call was answered, when units were dispatched, and when they arrived on scene. These audio reproductions can be saved and securely shared.

Inform Elite’s CAD Incident Analytics also helps PSAPs comply with the APCO/NENA Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement (QA/QI) standard, which recommends that PSAPs review all calls involving high acuity and catastrophic events. NICE Inform Elite automates this process by applying CAD incident type classifications, severity and other parameters to automatically select and schedule calls for QA review. .

Incident Intelligence Dashboards

NICE Inform Elite helps public safety organisations stay on top of performance targets. It uniquely consolidates data from CAD, telephony, radio, and the Inform Evaluator QA system to provide near real-time snapshots of performance across multiple dimensions – call volumes, call durations, speed of answer, hold times, dispatches, dispatch times, on-scene response times, quality assurance scores, and more – with the ability to drill down to listen to associated audio recordings.

All information is presented on web-based dashboards in easily digestible charts, graphs and maps, viewable on smartphones, tablets, desktops and wallboards. Managers can isolate performance metrics for different shifts, telecommunicators, CAD incident types and other criteria, to determine where staffing, training and operational improvements can be made.

NICE Inform Elite also indexes CAD comments to create word clouds which can be visualised through the dashboard. The more frequently a word is used, the larger and closer to the centre of the cloud it will appear. Managers can click on words of interest to drill down to associated recordings and data.

GIS Mapping

NICE Inform Elite’s Incident Intelligence dashboards, Quality Assurance and reconstruction modules are now enhanced with GIS mapping which enables managers to view the geolocation of CAD incidents, emergency calls, radio communications and captured SMS texts on interactive GIS maps. This provides a more in-depth visual context of events, with the ability to zoom in to specific locations, and drill down to multimedia recordings for investigations or QA reviews. Because this information is updated in near real-time, it can also provide early situational awareness of potential large-scale events. GIS heat maps can also be used for retrospective analysis, for example to visualise where certain types of crimes occur most often.

All-in-one Future-ready Multimedia Recording Platform

NICE Inform provides an all-in-one, NENA i3-compliant, cloud-ready solution capable of supporting complete multimedia recording needs, including: telephony, P25 radio, screen recording, SMS text, Next Generation 112/999/000 audio and text, FirstNet and ESN LTE broadband audio and more.

8th June 2017

Liquid Voice expands solution portfolio with Liquid Analytics

Liquid Voice has announced the immediate availability of Liquid Analytics. This new contact centre tool includes the latest generation transcription engine, developed by Speechmatics in partnership with the University of Cambridge, and uses deep neural networks to achieve an average accuracy of 85% on recordings. The Liquid Analytics transcription engine has been independently benchmarked and […]

8th May 2018

PCI Compliance easier with new Payment IVR solution from Liquid Voice

Liquid Voice, a leading provider of interaction recording, quality management and analytics, has announced the immediate availability of a new Payment IVR solution. This innovative solution will make it easier for organisations taking personal information and payment details over the telephone to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). It will […]

19th March 2018

RevolutionCloud revolutionises how contact centres acquire and use technology

SVL Business Solutions, the UK’s most experienced provider of multimedia interaction recording and advanced contact centre applications, has launched RevolutionCloud, a new Contact-Centre-as-a-Service solution. This game-changing hosting platform eliminates the limitations of other systems by offering a flexible choice of applications from some of the world’s leading technology vendors that deliver the same high level […]

18th October 2017

NICE introduces new Voice of the Customer Innovation

NICE has launched NICE Satmetrix, a fully-integrated, self-service, analytics-driven Voice of the Customer (VoC) solution that delivers unprecedented insight and engagement. It uses cutting-edge analytics to give organisations a complete, real-time view of the customer experience.

14th October 2017

NICE introduces new machine learning capabilities to drive the next evolution of cognitive process automation

NICE has announced the next evolution in its cognitive automation platform – an integration with technology partner Celaton to infuse NICE Robotic Automation with enhanced machine learning capabilities. This integration creates a digital workforce that can manage, consume and assimilate more complex unstructured data to decrease manual effort by 85% across some of the most […]


SVL ramps up support with new senior appointment

SVL Business Solutions has appointed Catriona Connelly as Support Manager. Based at the company’s headquarters in East Kilbride, she will be responsible for the day-to-day running of the service desk and support teams to ensure the delivery of outstanding levels of support to users operating in a wide range of market sectors across the UK. […]

17th August 2017

SVL expands WFM team with appointment of industry specialist

SVL Business Solutions has appointed Indy Kaur as WFM Analyst. In this role she will be responsible for providing training and support for SVL’s expanding portfolio of customers that are deploying best of breed WFM solutions from the world’s leading vendors including NICE and Teleopti.

11th July 2017

Liquid Voice helps organisations to comply with GDPR

Liquid Voice, one of the leading providers of interaction recording, quality management and analytics, has announced the immediate availability of an innovative new solution that will help organisations to comply with GDPR which comes into effect in May 2018. It fully integrates into the Liquid Voice platform or can be specified as a stand-alone application […]

5th July 2017

Liquid Voice launches next generation Automated Speech Transcription solution

Liquid Voice, one of the leading providers of interaction recording, quality management and analytics, has announced the immediate availability of a new Automated Speech Transcription solution. Used in conjunction with Liquid Voice’s interaction recording and quality monitoring platforms, it will significantly enhance the ability of contact centres and control rooms to locate and replay stored […]

31st May 2017

New Engage Omnichannel Recording Platform from NICE

NICE has announced that its NICE Engage Platform is enabling seamless, real-time communications between various contact centre systems, thus meeting the needs of fast-paced customer service environments as well as critical back office operations. This is a result of efforts to provide a simplified user experience, improve compliance capabilities, support more digital interactions, and deliver […]

16th March 2017

SVL Business Solutions Invests In Liquid Voice

SVL Business Solutions, the UK’s most experienced provider of multimedia interaction recording and advanced contact centre applications, has completed a definitive agreement to acquire a 25 percent equity interest in Liquid Voice, a leading developer of enterprise call recording and contact centre solutions.

25th January 2017

NICE Systems Announced As Market Share Leader in Speech Analytics

According to DMG Consulting LLC’s 2016-2017 Speech Analytics Product and Market report, NICE Systems has been designated the clear market leader for speech analytics, with its recording-agnostic solutions accounting for 47.2 percent of all contact centre seats – more than double that of its closest competitor. The company’s share of the market grew substantially, up […]

9th September 2016

Liquid Voice enhances flexibility and quality management processes for contact centres with Smart Interactions

Liquid Voice has launched Smart Interactions, an innovative new contact centre quality management platform. Built from the ground up to meet the rapidly evolving contact centre market, Smart Interactions is modular and includes speech analytics and agent engagement tools to help managers deliver more effective training and meet key customer satisfaction metrics. It also offers […]

25th August 2016

NICE Scenario Analyser Enhances Customer Journey Analytics with Business Intelligence

NICE Systems has announced the launch of Scenario Analyser, which allows organisations to conduct precise, in-depth analysis of various business challenges related to the cross-channel customer journey.

22nd August 2016

NICE Introduces Next Generation Skype for Business Recording

NICE Systems has announced the release of the latest edition of its recording solution for Skype for Business.  It brings the trusted capabilities of NICE recording solutions and unique financial services compliance features to Microsoft’s latest unified communications platform. NICE recording solutions are deployed across most of the banks around the globe and the latest […]

21st July 2016

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