NICE introduces new Voice of the Customer Innovation

NICE has launched NICE Satmetrix, a fully-integrated, self-service, analytics-driven Voice of the Customer (VoC) solution that delivers unprecedented insight. It uses cutting-edge analytics to give organisations a complete, real-time view of the customer experience.

NICE Satmetrix combines direct and indirect feedback with customer data, as well as the organisational engagement tools needed to take immediate and strategic action to reduce churn, boost customer loyalty, and drive profitable growth. New features include activity-triggered surveys and pre-packaged role-specific tools delivered with self-service ease.  It also offers unrivalled Net Promoter Score (NPS) capabilities, including the market’s leading methodologies and an extensive knowledge base, which enables customers to derive the greatest possible value from VoC programmes.

Designed to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes, NICE Satmetrix offers a multi-tenant, full self-service cloud platform with web and mobile capabilities at a fraction of the time to value and complexity of other VoC solutions. It offers unmatched breadth and depth of insight, which triggers broad organisational engagement across many roles, driving a multi-pronged approach to improving the customer experience and bottom-line results.

Key Features:

Total customer view – Large scale, omnichannel collection of customer feedback and operational data, with limitless drill-down and filtering capabilities for investigation and planning.

Agile program management – Complete self-service platform enabling almost instantaneous setup as well as easy adaptation and expansion to support changing business needs, all with the support of a library of templates, best practices and training guides.

Organisational engagement – Sophisticated, configurable workflows and integrations with the entire NICE portfolio allow organisations to connect customer feedback with quality and performance programs to cultivate a customer-centric culture across the business.

Superior analytics – Advanced speech and text analytics, together with machine learning and predictive analytics, enables organisations to extract insights at scale that allow them to take effective action and drive even deeper engagement.

14th October 2017

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15th August 2018

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8th August 2018

Peter Gough on NICE

At the recent NICE Interactions Conference in London, SVL Director Peter Gough spoke to the NICE media team about SVL’s 18 year relationship with the organisation.

2nd August 2018

PULL OVER – we’re the Real-time Police!

Donna Baxter, one of SVL’s Workforce Management (WFM) Consultants, reflects upon the changes in the contact centre industry over the last 15 years, and how workforce management changes radically over that period. 

27th July 2018

Managing legacy data – avoiding a toxic shock

GDPR has led to many issues around the storage of data. SVL Director, Peter Gough, discusses its impact on the contact centre industry and the abundance of legacy data that is stored.

19th July 2018


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