NICE PCI Compliance

End-to-end media encryption using the best common security policies as part of an interaction recording solution will increase the security of sensitive customer data.

NICE PCI compliance is available as an add-on to the Nice Interaction Management solution or built-in as standard on Nice Interaction Management SMB, a recording solution for small and medium sized contact centre operations.

It pauses recordings ensuring no sensitive information is captured or archived on internal systems. This is achieved in three ways:

Screen Activity-Based

Built-in Desktop Analytics detect specific events on agent screens triggering pause and resume commands with an indication when recordings are paused.


Agents have a single-click user interface to initiate pause and resume commands.


Uses API to integrate with third-party or homegrown applications including CRM and transaction processing.

Rigorous security management policies control user access to system functions and resources with user authentication using the industry’s standard Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP).

Available as a cloud or premise-based solution, NICE PCI Compliance converts and masks DTMF signal tones ensuring that sensitive customer data does not enter your internal systems. This reduces the level of PCI auditing required to deliver substantial cost savings and a rapid ROI.

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