RevolutionCloud Performance Management

Streamline your operations to see the complete picture.

RevolutionCloud provides enterprise-wide historical and real-time reporting and monitoring that lets you see the big picture as well as the call-by-call performance of each agent. It includes web-based and desktop productivity tools that enable agents and supervisors to make more informed decisions and deliver the best customer service.

It allows voice and digital media contacts to be managed from a single application to efficiently and accurately handle telephony, email, Web chat, SMS and social media contacts. The web-based interface also enables staff to work remotely at any internet-enabled location.

RevolutionCloud enhances the contact centre management process giving supervisors access to real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities, both Web-based and natively on Windows tablets or using VMware View on non-Windows tablets. They can instantly see can see and manage who is available to answer calls and how queues are performing, enabling an instant response to be provided in the event of changing traffic volumes to ensure service levels are maintained.

Historical reporting enables contact centres to measure and demonstrate the performance achieved against service level objectives, review a play-by-play account of events and identify ways to improve business processes.

Seamless integration with back office systems, such as customer relationship management (CRM) systems, presents agents with critical customer data screen pops as calls and multimedia contacts arrive, enabling them to improve service provision.

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