RevolutionCloud Workforce Optimisation

RevolutionCloud Workforce Optimisation includes capability powered by Teleopti, a leading global technology provider.

Unlike some stripped-down cloud WFM solutions, RevolutionCloud’s version of the Teleopti workforce management (WFM) solution provides the same high level of functionality as the premise-based alternative with fully automated forecasting and scheduling that is accurate, efficient and fair. It actively engages and empowers agents to deliver greatly improved customer experiences.

Teleopti WFM Cloud is a compelling proposition for contact centres of every size:

• Eliminates major investment in premise-based infrastructure
• Provides WFM data and support at your fingertips – in real time, 24/7
• Allows instant scaling up or down based on the number of users
• Enables new features to be automatically applied free of charge (included in the monthly user fee)
• Eliminates need for systems management

SVL Business Solutions also offers on-premise WFM solutions – click here for more information

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