Humanise the Workforce

SVL is a partner of Calabrio (formerly Telopti)an international company, pioneering powerful workforce management (WFM) software. 

Their advanced automation supports great customer experiences and boosts operational profitability. Calabri is on a mission to Humanise the Workplace. 

A feature-rich WFM solution

Calabrio WFM provides a sophisticated, multi-dimensional solution to manage multiple contact channels, virtual contact centres, agents and skills. 

This feature-rich WFM solution enables contact centres to select and configure the approach that works best with multi-skill, multi-site and multi-channel forecasting tools including trend and seasonal analysis. 

online Savings Calculator

Calabrio have developed an Online Savings Calculator  that uses data captured from real customers to estimate the potential savings from a given start point. Give it a try! 

Calabrio WFM delivers automation, optimisation and communication in any contact centre. 

Accurate Forecasting

Calabrio create accurate forecasts for all channel and media types with the use of historical data and precise algorithms.

Take seasonality into account and add your knowledge of future campaigns to forecasting periods over a year in advance down to minute-level with a powerful and dynamic workflow. 

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