From SMB TO enterprise

Liquid Voice have bespoke solutions that are designed for both the SMB market all the way up to Enterprise products. 

Specialisms also include voice recording, workforce optimisation, interactions analytics and a range of add-ons. 


  • Liquid Recording 

Liquid Recording provides reliable and resilient recording for small and medium sized organisations with up to 60 concurrent channels. As well as being PCI-DSS compliant, Liquid Recording provides many of the advanced features of Liquid Voice’s enterprise products but at a cost-effective price. 

  • Liquid Assure 

Liquid Assure is a modular interaction recording solution with a comprehensive feature set that meets the requirements of the largest and most complex organisations. It provides resilient and reliable recording for single or multiple locations with web browser-based call retrieval, replay and management. 


  • Smart Interactions 

Smart Interactions moves quality management beyond the boundaries of traditional solutions and provides deeper insight into the real-time working practices of contact centres. It enables the retrieval and evaluation of high volumes of calls to optimise agent performance and enhance the customer experience during every interaction. 

  • Liquid Analytics 

Available as an on-premise or cloud-based solution, Liquid Analytics is quick and easy to install. A wide range of built-in standard reports provide users with answers to common contact centre questions. 

Protecting Your Data

Keeping an old recording system just to store historical recordings can be risky if it is becoming unreliable or is out of support. It can also be costly to continue paying maintenance charges for an old system when a new one is implemented. A major challenge for users is to export old recordings and upload them to a new platform. 

SVL and Liquid Voice makes it easy and cost effective to successfully complete this process without the loss of any historic recordings. 

Talk to us

We are here to help you with any enquiries you may have. From large multi-nationals needing Enterprise Solutions through Blue-light and the Public Sector to smaller organisations just starting, SVL will be your trusted partner. Please fill out this form. or give us a call on 01355 900000 and we will be delighted to help you.