Automated Speech Transcription

Automated Speech Transcription enhances the ability of contact centres and control rooms to locate and replay recordings for dispute resolution, compliance and quality management applications

Available as a stand-alone solution or integrated with the Liquid Voice platform, Automated Speech Transcription is cost effective to deploy and generates text transcripts that can be reviewed many times faster than traditional manual methods.

What Does It Do?

Recordings can be searched for any word or phrase and allows the results to be viewed in seconds s text summaries with search words automatically highlighted and ranked by relevance.

The system automatically transcribes recordings with different speakers colour coded enabling users to quickly and easily identify sections of interest without having to manually listen to entire recordings or search for the relevant parts.  This can make the review process many times faster than traditional manual methods. Users can click on particular words or phrases in the transcript to start playback at that point or listen to the whole recording.

Clicking on any particular recording instantly locates other similar interactions. There is an option for compliance and quality assessment forms to be auto-completed for validation by reviewers.

Automated Speech Transcription also makes 100% quality monitoring realistically achievable by enabling organisations to focus on outliers rather than just taking an average view.  This provides the fullest picture of contact centre performance and revolutionises the way that contact centres can acquire and use speech technologies to improve customer satisfaction.


Automating the location of specific recordings delivers significant time savings, enhances service delivery and enables contact centres to improve the customer experience at every touch point.

It will also support GDPR strategies by helping organisations to manage large volumes of unstructured data without having to deploy additional staff to manually search through recordings.

Check out the video below which shows how Automated Speech Transcription speeds up the dispute resolution process.

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