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NICE Quality Central

NICE Quality Central – a standalone solution that unifies quality programmes in a single application

NICE Quality Central provides an holistic approach to quality management, ensuring that processes and the performance of agents align with business initiatives in the omnichannel enterprise. This enables customer interactions to be evaluated across multiple channels including telephone, email, SMS and social media, providing a comprehensive, end-to-end view of quality across the organisation.


Out-of-the-box, Nice Quality Central simplifies workflow processes such as calibration, agent self-assessment and audit-the-auditor. Workflows can be customised to create plans that assign work automatically


Allows forms to be customised, automated and transformed into actionable coaching opportunities for agents with help tips on scoring practices, automatic backups and versioning enable evaluators to eliminate wasted time and protect their work


Dynamic and flexible reporting with customisation for more than 200 data points


Delivers personalised coaching feedback, including links to knowledge resources, instructions and due dates. Dashboards allow performance to be tracked by both supervisors and agents


  • Independence from call recording and other platforms, simplifying access to new features and reducing risk of data loss
  • Unification of quality processes in single application to evaluate any data source or channel
  • End-to-end quality automation with 100 percent customisation of workflows
  • Personalisation by segmenting data for custom reports and dashboards
  • Integration with NICE Recording, Interaction Analytics, Workforce Management, Voice of the Customer and Performance Management solutions

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