NICE Real-Time Process Optimisation

Turn insights into immediate business impact to enhance contact centre performance and productivity

NICE Real-Time Process Optimisation analyses all interactions and transactions with customers and provides valuable insights about what they really want or need, the issues they face and how to address them.


Agents can provide a faster, more effective and responsive customer service while complying with company procedures and regulations through the automation of procedures that ensure complex business rules are followed.

Using an intelligent real-time decisioning engine, next-best-action recommendations are made to agents in real-time. This enables agents to take appropriate actions such as asking for regulation-required permissions or make retention offers. Sales opportunities are also identified by analysing the customer profile and eligibility for promotions or sales campaigns while the call takes place.

An Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Connector allows scanned documents, PDFs and virtual application screens to be read to automate processes even in a remote desktop environment.

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