Teleopti WFM

Teleopti WFM

Stay on the leading edge of customer service, employee satisfaction, operational efficiency and profitability

Teleopti WFM provides a sophisticated, multi-dimensional solution to manage multiple contact channels, virtual contact centres, agents and skills.

This feature-rich WFM solution enables contact centres to select and configure the approach that works best with multi-skill, multi-site and multi-channel forecasting tools including trend and seasonal analysis.

A single user interface enables up-to-date intraday reporting and the optimisation of scheduling to meet business needs, preferences and rules to ensure the right agents with the right skills are available to meet operational requirements. A web-portal empowers agents to participate in the WFM process.

Teleopti have developed an online Savings Calculator that uses data captured from real customers to estimate the potential savings from a given start point. Give it a try!

Workforce Management can be a complex balancing act between the demands of customers, employees, management and other stakeholders. Customers expect quality service and staff availability; employees want job satisfaction and work-life balance; and management demands efficient, profitable and sustainable operations. When balanced and addressed correctly and successfully, these different objectives can lead to stellar customer service, motivated employees and efficient operations.

Teleopti WFM delivers automation, optimisation and communication in any contact centre.

For an informal conversation about how to stay on the leading edge of operational efficiency, automation, scheduling and improve staff performance, contact Anne Holmes for an informal chat.

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