Bespoke work for a unique sector

SVL has built a pedigree over 20 years in helping the FS Sector develop and implement cutting-edge contact centre applications and solutions.

From our earliest days working with Kwik-Fit Insurance, we’ve understood the unique needs of this growing UK sector and, to this day, support some of the biggest names in the sector either directly, or through our channel partners.

Download our Legacy Data EBook for Financial Services

We are delighted to offer you a free copy of our Legacy Data Ebook guide for Financial Services There are very few areas of the business-world that face more compliance and regulatory requirements than the Financial Services sector and this guide outlines best practice in storing and searching vital data for compliance purposes and best practice. Please complete this form and a pdf copy of the guide will be sent to your work email.

Investing in A.I. and Analytics

recent research report by Industry experts Contact Babel, “UK Contact Centre Vertical Markets: Finance”, stated that UK financial services companies expect to make massive investments in AI-enabled web chat, automated customer identification and interaction analytics technology within the next two years. 

Also, 89% of UK banks expect to implement web chat by 2020 and expect its use to grow from 24% today to 89% by the beginning of 2020. 

From PSD 2 to legacy data

SVL are placed to offer a range of software to our FS clients to suit their needs. With increasing pressure for compliance and fraud prevention measures to be in place, we are working with market-leading providers to ensure PSD 2 and GDPR regulations are met. 

We are also providing solutions for the problems caused by Legacy Data and the need to capture, collate and search millions of calls, ‘virtual chats’ and emails across many years.  

Our clients range from SMB to global leaders

From the cleansing of toxic data, to the very latest interaction recording, workforce management, automated identification and analytics. SVL is proud to be a partner of the Financial Services sector, from small businesses to global market leaders.

SVL SecurePay

SVL SecurePay is an exciting new product that offers organisations who take card payments total protection.

SVL SecurePay eliminates fraud-related chargebacks with liability shifted back to the card-issuer, rather than your organisation.

SVL SecurePay is a cost-effective, omni-channel, cloud-based product that works whether you take payments in person, by phone, text, via social media or webchat on desktop or mobile devices. Another bonus is that this product is both acquirer and payment gateway agnostic.

The cloud-based SOTpay platform gives you the flexibility to take secure payments via email, SMS, Electronic Invoice or even on Social Media channels, remaining in constant contact with the cardholder or simply receiving agent notifications when payments are completed.

In the last 12 months, SOTPay has won awards from PCI LondonCall & Contact Centre ExpoUKCCF and became Best International CNP product at the CNP Awards.

SVL SecurePay

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We are here to help you with any enquiries you may have. Please leave your details an we will get back to you quickly. If you need a quote, or just an informal chat with one of our experts to ascertain what you really need. From large multi-nationals needing Enterprise Solutions through Blue-light and the Public Sector to smaller organisations just starting, SVL can be your trusted partner.