In our latest blog, Steven Perrins discusses why, over 20 years in the industry, it still requires a “Leap of Faith” from our clients to embrace the latest technologies.

I took some time to consider what I could include in my first blog.

There’s been many a funny and interesting story over the last 20 years I could share with you. There is also much I could say about the quality and value of our products (anyone who knows me, knows I love to talk shop) but, for now, I have a slightly different perspective on the contact centre story.

When I started at JT Sinclairs (pre Sinclair Voicenet) our job was to install a box. We were recording calls for the Emergency Services in the early days and this innovation was treated with more than a little skepticism from agents and staff.

“Big Brother” had arrived. In a box.

Our offering was designed as much for the protection of the agents and staff as the caller. Any dispute over what was said on a call could be easily verified. It did take some time to get this message across to everyone involved, but we did get there.

What strikes me as I write this is that we had to ask those involved for a “Leap of Faith” and to trust in our expertise. We would deliver the results we promised. Agents and staff would enjoy the protection our new system offered. The public would be reassured that what they said would be available.


Fast Forward

Hit the fast-forward button on your ‘BetaMax’ Video Recorder to today and we have travelled light years in terms of technology.

We don’t simply record voices…we capture and analyse data.

From a box linked to one single telephone exchange, we now install omni-channel solutions which can record and curate thousands of interactions every single day. These come from calls, email and social media and optimised in a way that improves the performance of each agent and organisation.

But today, as before, our technological advances require a “Leap of Faith”

As Contact Centre’s built ‘Tardis’-like server rooms, there was reassurance in the knowledge that the rich data these devices held was safe within the confines of their own premises.

The trust I now ask from my clients is that they can move their investment over to a cloud-based host with ease. This offer can stimulate the same emotion that our boxes did 20 years ago. However, any fear that an external data centre won’t be secure or accessible is genuinely unfounded.

Indeed, the cloud offers so much more in terms of cost savings, resilience, security and, most vital of all, the smooth transfer of assets. Major investment in software isn’t lost in the virtualization process. As before, this is a real Win/Win.

Having spent 20 years at SVL, people know I am here to back-up what I sell to them. From boxes to cost-per user applications which add real value to any recording platform. We can even host your NICE platform and supercharge it with resilience for no extra cost!

I do often ask for a “Leap of Faith” from my clients….most of whom are friends now…but they know I’m with them the whole way.

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