Liquid Voice Recording Solutions

Intelligent recording to maximise contact centre efficiency.

SVL Business Solutions provides a range of advanced recording solutions from Liquid Voice that enable organisations to comply with all FCA and PCI-DSS regulatory requirements.

They provide resilient and reliable recording for single or multiple locations with web browser-based call retrieval, replay and management from anywhere on your network, or via the Internet.

Interactions can be monitored by supervisors from any network location for real-time coaching or in response to abusive or difficult callers. Agent screen activities can also be simultaneously monitored as part of ongoing quality management programmes. Rules-based recording allows screen capture to be linked to telephone activity, specific application usage or other triggered parameters.

Liquid Voice recording solutions support ISDN, SIP, analogue, DASS1, CAS, DPNSS and MFR2 trunks and can record from digital, IP, DECT and analogue handsets. They can also seamlessly integrate with commonly used CM, CRM, EDRM and ERP applications to optimise customer interactions.

Liquid Assure

A modular call recording solution to meet the needs of the largest, multi-site organisations

Liquid Assure provides an intuitive, quick and highly scalable recording solution for contact centres using SQL Server-based databases with full support for SAN-based storage. This allows an unlimited number of recordings to be stored without the need for archiving.

Liquid Assure can be specified with N+1 and passive or active redundancy. Active Directory integration speeds up the configuration process.

The following add-ons can be specified:

C-SAT IVR – an automated customer satisfaction tool that captures customer feedback after transactions.
Speech Analytics – analyse all calls to improves contact centre management and understand customer needs.
Screen Recording – agent screens can be synchronised with call recordings to analyse the customer journey.
Omnichannel – including email, SMS, apps, web chat, social media and knowledgebases.

Liquid Recording

Big system features for small to medium sized contact centres needing up to 60 channels

Easy to deploy and support, Liquid Recording works with virtually all telephone systems, including the latest IP-based systems, and provides reliable records of transactions for operational and audit purposes.

Liquid Recording enables contact centres taking credit card payments over the phone to comply with PCI-DSS.

It offers a comprehensive range of functionality including:

Intuitive user interface - speeds up the retrieval and replay of recordings

Extensive search capability - instantly locate stored or archived recordings

Flexible security - Group or user-based

Notes and tags - can be added to recording for future retrieval

Export recordings -email them for training, backup and compliance applications

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