Liquid Voice has launched Smart Interactions, an innovative new contact centre quality management platform. Built from the ground up to meet the rapidly evolving contact centre market, Smart Interactions is modular and includes speech analytics and agent engagement tools to help managers deliver more effective training and meet key customer satisfaction metrics. It also offers advanced reporting tools that help managers review team performance and take positive actions to improve productivity.

“Smart Interactions enables contact centres to focus on improving their customer satisfaction scores by providing insight into the abilities, strengths and weakness of each agent. It also enhances scheduling of human resources and enables ongoing training to be tailored to the needs of individual agents,” explained Andrew Barrett, CTO at Liquid Voice. “This next generation solution offers high levels of integration with existing infrastructure and can be used with any PABX, cloud telephony, call recording and CRM application as part of the quality management process.”

As well as recording telephone-based interactions, the new Liquid Voice platform can be used to capture customer communications from other channels including email, SMS and apps, web chat, social media and knowledgebases. Smart Interactions also allows full agent screen capture to gain a more accurate picture of interactions between agents and customers. Interactions can be assessed using automated tools such as speech analytics for automated compliant notification and managers can use the powerful editor to create assessment forms, perform assessments, and view results.

“A recent study shows that nearly 60% of contact centre staff are dissatisfied with their jobs, which ultimately leads to poor customer service,” added Barrett. “Part of the issue is that organisations have finite training resources and have difficulty allocating help to the agents that need it most. Smart Interactions provides an effective solution and, through integration with e-coaching, agent portals and training resources such as Litmos and Moodle, enables agents to gain instant access to the help they need.”

Smart Interactions also integrates with Liquid Voice Customer Satisfaction (C-SAT), an add-on that allows customers to leave feedback at the end of every call using automated IVR-based surveys. After speaking to an agent, customers are transferred to an automated system which asks them questions regarding the call. The results from these surveys can help with the quality management workflow by streamlining the allocation of mentoring and structured training.

Liquid Voice has also simplified the licencing process for Smart Interactions which is available in various options including on-premise, hosted and managed service with the option of 3 month trial licenses. “The initial feedback we have had from a few beta customers has been incredibly positive and highlights the need for a dedicated solution that is not just tied to a single vendor’s product family but able to work across the wide range of contact centre technologies,” concluded Barratt.

One such reseller is SVL Business Solutions, the UK’s most experienced provider of multimedia interaction recording and advanced contact centre applications. “Smart Interactions allows us to expand our portfolio of ‘best of breed’ contact centre applications and strengthens our ability to deliver bespoke solutions that meet the specific needs of clients working in diverse market sectors,” commented SVL. “We are pleased to be working closely with Liquid Voice and look forward to announcing some important contract wins over the coming months.”

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