NICE Interaction Recording Solutions

Nice Air

The latest generation of omnichannel recording and interaction management technology.

NICE AIR (Advanced Interaction Recorder) provides full omnichannel interaction recording including voice, video, screen, chat, email and SMS. This enables organisations to extract maximum business value from every interaction and deliver the best customer experience.

System Features:

Business Continuity - “Best Call” dual recording and direct storage archiving with 1-click disaster recovery, revamped N+1 architecture and advanced alarm capabilities ensures operational readiness around the clock.

Easy System Management - DIY administration and a “Silent Update Pack Install” capability guarantees ‘zero’ recording loss. Routine maintenance can be completed with minimal impact on performance.

Compliance Recording - PCI-DSS3 qualified, AIR offers advanced privacy rules, end-to-end encryption, automatic pause/resume and archiving data protection to reduce organisational exposure and avoid human errors.

Advanced IT - Server and client virtualisation reduces the amount of resources consumed, while comprehensive multi-site call recording optimises usage of network resources and enables data centre consolidation.

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