SmartVoice Protect

A proven and fully managed PCI compliance solution

When it comes to your customers, data security is your top priority. SmartVoice Protect ensures PCI compliance for all voice transactions and protects your business against fraud. It ensures that Sensitive Authentication Data (SAD) relating to credit cards and bank accounts is not overheard, recorded or stored during telephone-based Cardholder Not Present transactions. This is achieved without interruption to the phone conversation and without any need to pause, suppress or manipulate voice recordings.

Secured by Semafone and powered by Ultra Communications, SmartVoice Protect delivers cost savings by reducing the number of PCI controls required and simplifying auditing and management processes.

Customer Experience

Customers are prompted to enter payment details using their telephone keypad so no sensitive data is verbalised. The complete call is recorded without break or capturing any sensitive information.

Agent Experience

Agents follow the card data entry process without seeing card details or hearing DTMF tones. They have a visual indication of whether payments have been successful or declined.

SmartVoice Protect works seamlessly with existing software and phone systems and can be installed in any contact centre where agents need to handle customer card payments. It completely removes the contact centre from PCI-DSS scope, whether agents are working on-site or remotely.

DTMF clamping technology enables customers to enter their card details directly into the telephone keypad, without anyone ever seeing, hearing or being able to store the sensitive data.

Available as a hosted or premise-based solution, SmartVoice Protect intercepts calls at trunk level and uses a secure encrypted server to capture sensitive information via DTMF tones.


SmartVoice Protect Benefits

  • Remove your contact centre from PCI-DSS scope
  • Protect your brand, employees and customers from data fraud
  • Stay compliant with the latest standards
  • Total resilience and assured DR protection
  • Uninterrupted agent/customer interaction and call recording
  • Rapid implementation
  • No impact on operational performance
  • Proactive support to suit you, including 24/7 helpdesk



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