Move to the Cloud with Amazon Connect in 2021

Speed of migration, platform agility and no upfront costs are the key drivers that lead organisations to migrate their traditional contact centre to a CCaaS platform like Amazon Connect.

An increase in remote-working in 2021 has created a new dynamic in the marketplace, with server-driven communications channels struggling to cope with huge demands placed on them, leading to an increase in down-time – any businesses greatest enemy.

Expensive, inefficient, and inflexible on-premise systems now lag their cloud-based competitors, with any fears of loss of data or safety issues found totally unwarranted as the Cloud has enterprise level security technology.

Add to this companies rushing to move their businesses on-line, resulting in an increased demand for contact centre services, then Amazon Connect’s ability to scale and flex means they do not need to invest in hardware and perpetual licenses that stand idle and don’t generate revenue.

Move to the Cloud with Amazon Connect.

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Why Amazon Connect?

Amazon Connect is a game-changing platform that is easy to set up and manage.

  • An omni-channel cloud contact centre with built in AI and Intelligence
  • Pure consumption-based pricing. Pay only for what you use
  • Can be setup in minutes without requiring any infrastructure
  • Saves up to 80% over traditional contact centre platforms
  • No setup cost, grows and shrinks with business demands
  • Integrates with tens of other Amazon Services – Lex, Transcribe, Lambda etc
  • 5000+ contact centres globally already use this platform globally

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Amazon Connect Features and Functionality

Provide superior customer service across voice, chat, social and email at a lower cost than traditional contact centre systems

  • Omni-channel experience for customers and agents.
  • Intuitive graphical contact flow builder.
  • Outbound Calling.
  • High Quality Audio.
  • Call Recording.
  • Natural Language-based Chatbots using Amazon Lex (the power behind Alexa).
  • Skills based routing.
  • Real-time and historical analytics.
  • CRM Integrations.

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Deliver Elevated Agent and Customer Experience

Transform your Contact Centre into a Smarter Engagement Hub with no upfront investment

  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Revolutionary Server-less Model
  • Intelligence and Automation
  • Customer Journey Analyser
  • Agent State Controls
  • Customer Interaction History
  • Built-in Analytics
  • Open Platform and APIs
  • Low Cost Integrations (including CRM)

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 “As well as providing an outstanding piece of software, Amazon Connect offers customers a fast and flexible implementation process. When we deploy Amazon Connect, clients are amazed at how seamless and agile the process is”

Debbie Bicker, Account Manager , SVL

CCaaS Contact Centre as a Service

CCaaS offers a cloud-based customer contact solution that allows companies to utilise contact centre software from a provider (Amazon Connect), without installing hardware on-premise.

The CCaaS model enables businesses to purchase only the technology it needs, reducing internal IT support requirements. It offers more flexibility and scalability as operational needs change.

Not only that, but recent developments mean we are no longer only moving existing software and services to the Cloud, we have many new services available to us, like a commodity, ready to use, purpose-built and hosted by their providers who maintain the hardware and code.

Customers access the software through the internet and either pay subscriptions or on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis. Excellent for SME’S, quick and easy to use.

This is not only useful for a smaller business. Enterprise-level cloud CCaaS solutions offers a complete collection of feature functionality of a premise-based system, including data loss prevention, and security features to ensure business continuity, scalability to keep up with business requirements, and a quick/easy hosted-to-premise migration process.

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