Effortless Customer Experience

AI is transforming the technology landscape. Whether providing useful self-service tools, or offering detailed help through live agents, call centres can make effortless customer experience one of their highest priorities.

Deep dive into your data

The contact centre is a rich reservoir of customer data, made up of call recordings, agent notes, voice of the customer surveys, and the possibility to reach into information on every touchpoint customers have with the business.

AI can be used to deep dive into all this data and transform every part of the contact centre and the wider enterprise.

The uses of AI for the contact centre:

  • “Smart” virtual agents are replacing interactive voice response (IVR)
  • The ACD can use AI and machine learning to match customers to agents best equipped to handle their personalities and the issue at hand,
  • Predictive modeling in real time to prompt live agents with the next best step.

ISO 9001 AND 27001 Accreditation

SVL have been assessed and approved by CQS (Certified Quality Systems) for the Management System standards ISO 9001 and 27001.

They relate to “The provision of multimedia recording solutions, quality management and voice analytics” (9001) and “Information Security Management Systems” again for multimedia recording solutions, quality management and voice analytics (27001).

We are always happy to supply our accreditations and Quality Management credentials.

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