Multi-channel Customer Interaction Analytics

Unlock the goldmine of intelligence buried in your organsation with sophisticated AI and ML-fueled speech, desktop and text analytics provided by Calabrio and SVL.

Find the bottlenecks. Increase operational efficiency. Mitigate risk and drive compliance.

Illuminate compelling, AI-driven insights—and put them into action to enrich human interactions.

Transform every customer interaction, including web conference meetings, into usable data. Distill that data into key trends. Extract insights to drive profitable change in the contact center and across your business. It’s time to harness the true voice of your customer.

Calabrio Analytics Tools

Calabrio offers a suite of analytics tools that examine ever aspect of customer interactions.

6 main tools are available:

Phonetics – Acoustic sound that analyses sound data.

Speech-to-Text – Convers audio recordings into searchable transcripts

Desktop Analytics – Correlates the content of a customer interaction (what your customers and agents are saying) with agent desktop activity (what your agents are doing).

Text Analytics – Analysis capabilities to text-based channels (email, text, chat, social media, surveys, etc.)

Sentiment Analytics – Combines text and speech-to-text analytics to identify the emotional tone and provide a sentiment score.

Predictive Analytics – Leverages predictive modeling, machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to make predictions about the future

Analytics – Better Customer Experience

What will applying Calabrio Analytics bring?

See the pain points. Identify customer friction points by monitoring interaction trends—from product or service delivery issues to snags in contact center processes.

Know your customers’ needs before they’re spoken. Anticipate customer needs. Resolve issues faster. Deliver more personalized interactions with predictive analytics tools.

Deliver omnichannel experiences. Connect advanced speech analytics and text analytics tools across every channel, including social media, chat, email, SMS, messaging, web and video conferencing. Drive consistent, omnichannel customer experiences.

Enhanced Employee Engagement

With the new demands of today’s remote workforce, keeping agents engaged, motivated and inspired is key to the success of the modern business.

Create intelligent benchmarks. Set smart goals. Show agents how they compare with their peers and enable them to self-coach with personalised dashboards. Inspire them to get better with one-click best practices sharing.

Evaluate in near real-time.  Create a timely feedback loop. Give agents the personalised coaching they need. Use desktop analytics to discover where agents get hung up.

Improve agent performance. It’s simple. More engaged agents are better agents. Modern analytics tools reveal VoE insights to enable coaching and training, allowing managers to identify and address issues before they impact employee engagement or  generate turnover.

Improved Sales and Marketing

Calabrio Analytics bring real bottom-line benefits to Sales and Marketing.

See your true advantages. Understand customer preferences. Gain a customer-centric view on competitive differentiators.

Create a consistent brand experience. Align the business with brand initiatives. Deliver a consistent customer experience at every touch point.

Hone messaging and campaigns. Hear what’s working—and what isn’t—directly from your customers.

Know your customer. Create rich customer profiles. Understand their needs and their frustrations. See how your brand fits in their lives.

Build intelligent sales workflows. Capture every upsell and cross-sell opportunity. Create smart sales workflows to drive successful closing.

Create entirely new revenue streams. Listen to the voice of your customer. Identify and deliver on unmet needs. Deepen customer connections and drive new revenue.

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