SVL and Calabrio – the perfect partnership

SVL and Calabrio have worked together for over a decade (including our great work with Telopti) offering outstanding customer service 24/7, 365 from our UK base. We are delighted to offer the outstanding workforce optimisation suite Calabrio One, bringing a range of features that will hugely enhance your customer service.

SVL are your perfect partner to bring the huge benefits of Calabrio One and improve your agent experience and hugely enhance your customer service.


What is Calabrio One?

Calabrio ONE gives you a complete toolset to unlock the tremendous value buried within your customer interaction data and transform your entire business. One seamless solution, powered by the cloud, that combines a fully integrated workforce engagement suite with robust voice-of-the-customer analytics and business intelligence tools.

Capture every customer interaction across all channels. Extract predictive and prescriptive insights. Elevate customer experiences, improve employee engagement, and increase operational efficiency. Then, extend customer-centric strategies across the business to accelerate sales, drive innovation and move your business forward.

Calabrio One is an intelligent, fully integrated, contact centre workforce engagement suite powered by the Cloud. The suite includes;

  • Call Recording
  • Quality Management
  • Workforce Management
  • Calabrio Analytics

Call Recording

Record every single call, every single time.

Transform your customer interactions into a secure and searchable treasure trove of highly usable data.

You will capture 100% of interactions and simplify your compliance requirements.

Add to this robust metadata that lets you quickly search hundreds of hours of calls to prove adherence, settle disputes and mitigate risk.

Calabrio and SVL will greatly enhance your call recording, all hosted in the cloud.


Quality Management

Quality Managers monitor and coach employees, on-site or remotely. A successful quality programme is key to keeping employees engaged and customers happy.

Calabrio Quality Management via SVL allows you to understand the complete agent and customer experience and provide more targeted coaching, no matter where your employees are working – all while helping ensure compliance and improving overall contact centre performance.

  • Automate recording and reporting and streamline evaluations
  • Create shorter feedback loops to engage and motivate agents.
  • Use intelligent analytics to focus your attention where it matters most.
  • Let the voice of the customer lead the way to consistent, outstanding customer experiences.

Calabrio Analytics

Calabrio One offers access to the only fully-integrated, multi-channel analytics solution including speech, text, and desktop analytics – in one unified suite. No add-ons required. Powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Speech Analytics – the power of both phonetics and speech-to-text gives organisations the most robust, accurate, and efficient speech analytics tool on the market.

Text Analytics – Roughly one-third of interactions are text-based, occurring through channels including email, chat, text, social media, and surveys. Text analytics allows you to analyse 100% of customer and employee text-based interactions, driving a seamless omnichannel strategy.

Desktop Analytics – Capture and analyse all agent desktop activity to ensure they are solving customer issues by using the appropriate tools available.

Enhance employee engagement, customer satisfaction and drive sales and marketing using Calabrio Analytics

Workforce Management by Calabrio

Calabrio WFM is a highly agile and scalable workforce management platform that allows delivery of seamless experiences for customers, agents and managers—no matter where employees are working

  • Build precise forecasts in minutes
  • Streamline workflow for effective employee planning.
  • Predict spikes and lulls.
  • Respond to changes in real time.
  • Make rapid changes using drag and drop schedule editing.
  • Build your own schedule and move your lunches or breaks
  • Get notifications from a virtual assistant
  • Trade shifts with colleagues without team leader/administrator intervention
  • Use mobile app to make all these changes.

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