SVL Compliance Centre

From the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard PCI DSS to GDPR and PSD2, our Compliance Centre is here to advise you on how to meet your legal obligations.

SVL provides a wide range of compliance solutions for organisations operating under regulatory environments.

SVL SecurePay

SVL SecurePay is an exciting new product that offers organisations who take card payments total protection.

SVL SecurePay eliminates fraud-related chargebacks with liability shifted back to the card-issuer, rather than your organisation.

SVL SecurePay is a cost-effective, omni-channel, cloud-based product that works whether you take payments in person, by phone, text, via social media or webchat on desktop or mobile devices. Another bonus is that this product is both acquirer and payment gateway agnostic.

SVL SecurePay


  • PCI-DSS – Solutions to de-scope organisations from PCI compliance checks as much as possible and protect sensitive customer data when taking card payments by telephone.
  • GDPR – Automated Speech Transcription supports GDPR strategies by helping organisations to manage large volumes of unstructured data without having to manually search through recordings.
  • MiFID II – Compliance recording for the financial sector with archiving for 7 years or more and the rapid search and retrieval of stored recordings.
  • PSD2 – Solutions utilising strict customer authentication to meet PSD2 legislation for online payments

SVL SecurePay

Take payments securely online and over the phone without the risk of fraud using SVL’s PCI and PSD2 compliant solution, SVL SecurePay. As many as 25 or 30% of transactions could be declined in the immediate aftermath of the switch to SCA.

SVL SecurePay

Face to Face Recording

SVL can capture face-to-face recordings using a specially designed on-line app. For compliance purposes this brings these spoken words into line with all other interactions. Contact us


Recording Compliance

SVL’s flexible recording solutions enable your organisation to comply with legal regulations and internal policies, mitigate against litigation risks and monitor quality of service.

Link these solutions with our analytics packages and gain real insight into agent performance.

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