Record all MS Teams calls

Are you and your company working or ‘living’ on Microsoft Teams? Like millions of others I’m sure communication on MS Teams is becoming pivotal to how you operate during these unprecedented times.

As Contact and Customer Service Centres have been homeworking over the last year, MS Teams has become a increasingly popular Unified Communications Platform.

However, you must still adhere to stringent regulatory requirements whilst working remotely. The balance between keeping productivity high and mitigating risk is tough.

You also want to keep all records of communication in a secure archive, easily accessible for investigations and dispute resolution.

Never wonder how employees interacted with customers or internally or rely on staff to ‘press the record button’ and rest assured that all forms of communication are safely recorded. Eliminate human error without affecting the users experience

We can talk you through the various options available to you and are delighted to offer either NICE or Liquid Voice solutions to this problem, available in our “Smarter Cloud”



Liquid Voice Video Recording within MS Teams

With Liquid Voice’s seamless Microsoft Teams connector, we allow you to record every internal and external voice or video call. These recordings are then retained in a single repository that can exist in our private cloud, or your own cloud or on-premises storage. This means we are able to capture interactions across every platform you use and what’s more, if these platforms change over time, we are able to take this in our stride and adapt accordingly.

Whether you are using Microsoft Teams as your main communications platform or as an internal tool to support customer-facing teams, SmartExperience and SmartCompliance for Microsoft Teams enable you to capture interactions across all of your platforms including MS Teams.

NICE Recording Integration

Regardless of location, recording is achieved from leveraging existing integration and bot services between MS Teams and the Azure cloud.

The NICE Recording bot securely captures and stores media within a customer Cloud Tenant and your recordings are passed into the NICE Recorder for processing and storage.  The recording is done via “Silent Participation” in the cloud to provide the maximum quality with no external factors that would have traditionally resulted in poor quality.

Recording Bots are load-balanced to guarantee the highest possible up-time for your business.

NICE Recording overcomes technical limitations by enabling faster deploymentsimplified set-upcentralised administration and fool-proof fault monitoring.

Resiliency through NICE recording

When communications are done via a unified communication platforms like MS Teams, the NICE Recording (NR) solution provides the highest levels of recording resiliency with “2N Resilient Recording”: parallel, redundant recording on two separate systems.

There’s never a gap in recording should one system fail, and everything is recorded and archived in duplicate.

NR works in concert with MS Teams to ensure no disruption to recording.

With NR’s active recording, you’re also in complete control of who you record. You can choose to record only regulated users to satisfy compliance requirements and control storage costs..


Liquid Voice brings compliance to MS teams

If you have a regulatory need to record, we provide  the ability to capture every conversation related to a transaction, tag these to simplify search, and link different interactions together to provide an end-to-end recording.

For those operating contact centres or with customer facing teams, we provide a comprehensive recording and analytics solution for MS Teams. We simultaneously capture your customer conversations along with the agent’s screen and to transcribe and analyse interactions in real-time. This enables quality management, agent performance management and identification of trends across all customer experiences.

This product is able to provide a single solution that captures interactions in a secure manner. For those calls involving payment details, it’s also fully PCI-DSS compliant.

Regulations and compliance

If your firm is in a regulated market and uses Microsoft Teams, it’s important to ensure you have the right technology in place to record these communications.

Today, there are more regulations than ever around conversations, and this includes all types of communications such as voice, chat and video.

Regulations like MiFID II  stipulates that ALL communications that result in a transaction (whether intended or not), across ALL modalities (PBXs, turrets, mobile phones, video, chat, email, unified communication platforms, etc.) must be recorded.

Both of our products solve all of these issues.

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