Storing and receiving legacy data

All organisations have an abundance of legacy data (data that you have on your systems, but that you don’t necessarily use on a day-to-day basis) that is usually held for compliance or security purposes.

This could be decades worth of recorded phone calls, personal data, financial data, employee records.

The issue isn’t just WHAT you must store, compliance regulations are clear on this, but HOW and WHERE you store it can be the real challenge.

This is a costly and difficult issue.

Mining huge amounts of data

The problem is further compounded . Do you know where all this data resides?

Even if you can identify what server the data is stored on, are you able to find an individual record, phone-call or credit card transaction easily, without having to dedicate many hours on the search?

Is it on your in-house servers? You may have decommissioned systems that are still required at some stage, or even data on USB sticks, CDs, floppy disks or tapes (we can be talking about information that is up to 25 years old).

A gold-mine of data held in redundant or unsupported technology or end-of-life software..

Imagine credit card-holder details that you kept after the transaction went through, which now are in breach of PCI and GDPR regulations. It could even be health disclosure information that you needed at the time but don’t need any more. Is there any data which should be redacted?

How about calls recorded 4 years ago that discussed delicate financial details…some of this data is very much usable for business purposes and parts must again be redacted

Do you know the law? Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II)

What is also clear is that the law has changed and our own Financial Conduct Authority regulations have been extended under Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II).

Pay close attention to the clauses in Article 16.A brief translation of this act states that whether on a mobile phone, legacy call recording system, cloud-based solution or even a brand new recording system, all Financial organisations must:

Record communications from every available medium.
Store recording in a way that is safe and secure.
Allow for the information to be retrieved should it be legally demanded.

They must also be able to ensure the quality, accuracy and completeness of the records of all telephone recordings and electronic communications.


SVL are working on a project to capture and transcribe 1.2 million calls. This would normally take 400 people 3 months to manually listen to, and score, every call. Our software will automate this process and complete the project in 4 weeks, saving tens of thousands of pounds and delivering completed results 2 months early.

Contact us for further details.

The solution is at hand

What SVL offer is a cost-effective, straight-forward solution that will resolve all your legacy date issues.

Let’s make this simple:

  1. Using automation, we can migrate all your legacy data (data/recordings/files) to one single system that is still held in your environment.
  2. We can transcribe all your calls, converting speech-to-text, and then use meta-data to search for any sensitive information you may require, or wish to redact.
  3. All this information is then placed in a ‘live’platform, in your environment or in the cloud, Full protected and, vitally, easily searchable.

ALL files are stored securely in a standard file format in a discreet private cloud environment.


Deployment – In the Cloud or on-premise

The beauty of this solution is that it can be used as quickly, and effectively either in the Cloud, or part of an on-premise solution.

The deployment options are:

  • Continue to store data in your own physical environment.
  • Deploy in your own (Cloud-based) virtual environment.
  • Deploy in SVL’s own secure and accessible cloud.

All the information we collect (data/recordings/files) is stored in a ‘live’platform, either in your environment or in the cloud, Full protected and, vitally, easily searchable.


Download our Legacy Data EBook for Public Safety and Community Care

We are delighted to offer you a free copy of our Legacy Data Ebook guide for Public Safety, Blue Light and Community Care organisations. Police, Fire, Ambulance, NHS and Community Care organisations, by law, have been required to store a plethora of data for legal and compliance purposes for decades, and this guide outlines best practice in storing and searching this vital information. Please complete this form and a pdf copy of the guide will be sent to your work email.

Cost and time savings

Our solution, a mix of automation and analytics, will:

  • Save huge amounts of staff time, searching, analysing and retrieving data.
  • Remove huge costs involved in continuing to keep legacy data in an old, unsupportable, system.
  • Make valuable data easily accessible in a live and supportable platform.
  • Remove any compliance issues.
  • Secure your data in your environment.




Download our Legacy Data EBook for Financial Services

We are delighted to offer you a free copy of our Legacy Data Ebook guide for Financial Services There are very few areas of the business-world that face more compliance and regulatory requirements than the Financial Services sector and this guide outlines best practice in storing and searching vital data for compliance purposes and best practice. Please complete this form and a pdf copy of the guide will be sent to your work email.

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