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Our WFM Practice takes a very consultative and agnostic approach to Workforce Management and Employee Engagement.

We work with the market leading vendors to provide the best technology and a full wrap-around support.  At SVL we have deliberately chosen our partners based on their expertise as leaders and visionaries in the space of workforce management and employee engagement.  We strongly believe that by providing market-leading agnostic solutions, we can always provide the best solution to meet your unique requirements, whilst maintaining a full end to end support package as experts in these systems.

Our WFM solutions help our customers to effectively plan and proactively manage their workforce to quickly respond to changing conditions within their organisation.  Our market-leading solutions ensure the optimal service at the lowest possible cost, whilst engaging employees and providing flexibility and the best possible work/life balance.

We work with global partners including NICE and Calabrio to provide cutting-edge solutions


NICE WFM can be tailored to support the specific forecasting, scheduling and change management needs of your organisation.

Nice Workforce Optimisation Solutions

Calabrio WFM

Calabrio WFM provides a sophisticated, multi-dimensional solution to manage multiple contact channels, virtual contact centres, agents and skills.

Calabrio WFM solutions

Our Leading WFM Practice

Our SVL WFM Practice has been built for many different reasons but primarily to fill, what we see as a gap in the market.  There are many organisations who resell WFM solutions, but we want to deliver much more than that.  We believe that to provide the best service to our customers, we need to do much more than just provide a vendor’s technology and then be reliant on them to support our customers.

We have built our practice around specialists and experts from the industry, with years of collective experience in the WFM market.  This consists of pre-sales, sales, consultancy, training and support resource who strive to provide the right solutions and the bespoke service that we feel our customers need, to ensure that they maximise the investment they make in any WFM technology purchased from SVL.  We take a very consultative approach to ensure that we understand the customers’ business, provide the best solution and maximise benefits for all the various users and stakeholders throughout the business.

As part of our Practice, we also host regular forums and events to facilitate networking between our customers and contacts from the WFM industry to encourage the sharing of advice and expertise as well as providing talks from industry experts.

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Cutting-edge applications

SVL’s range of workforce management applications enhance employee performance, improve resource planning, streamline time-consuming tasks and give visibility across all sites and lines of business. A web-portal and mobile app help engage and empower agents to manage their schedules and skills improvement programmes.


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