Identify performance gaps

NICE WFO is comprised of tightly integrated solutions, enabling organisations to improve agent productivity, identify performance gaps, deliver targeted coaching, and effectively forecast workloads and schedule staff.

Employee Engagement Manager

EEM is a solution which can help give your employees a better work/life balance in this busy world we all live in. It streamlines scheduling operations and automates otherwise time consuming intraday activities.

With Intraday automation, the system continually monitors and updates net staffing and automatically takes action when thresholds you set are triggered.

EEM applies organisation-specific rules to optimise staffing & performance and proactively alerts employees, supervisors and workforce managers with the information they need to work more effectively.

Employees are provided with an App which gives them anytime, anywhere access to opportunities to swap or change a shift, apply for time off, extra hours or overtime. With continual screen refreshing and instant approval, your staff can be guaranteed a real time response.

EEM automatically engages employees via mobile, text or email offering extra hours, O.T. or time off. Robust rules determine the interested and eligible employees and the order that they are contacted, and this continues until conditions are resolved.

Adaptive WFO Technology

NICE’s Adaptive WFO technology is an integral part of our solution suite which uses analytics-based modelling to dynamically personalise contact centre processes, such as scheduling, coaching, training, evaluations, and motivational incentives, at an individual agent level.

Workforce Management

Workforce management can be tailored to support the specific forecasting, scheduling and change management needs of your organization. To support a broad scope of businesses initiative, NICE WFM integrates with a diverse number of contact centre solutions and technology.

Hosted or on-premise

NICE Workforce Optimisation connects multiple systems to align employees around individual goals and performance data to increase productivity and improve revenue generation. Powerful real-time speech and text analytics guide interactions to enhance first call resolution rates and deliver the best experience for every customer.

Agents can manage their schedules and skills improvement programmes whilst supervisors have more time to focus their attention on areas that will have the most impact on contact centre performance.

Available as a hosted, SaaS or premise-based solution, NICE Workforce Optimisation helps organisations to focus on driving performance, engaging employees and satisfying customers.


NICE IEX Workforce Management enables the delivery of customer-winning service at the lowest possible operating cost. It enhances employee performance, improves resource planning, streamlines time-consuming tasks and gives visibility across all sites and lines of business.

SVL Consultancy

SVL Workforce Management Consultancy works in partnership with NICE to provide cutting edge technology solutions. SVL will supply, install and maintain your WFM/WFO software 24/7 throughout the year. Contact us for an informal conversation about your current WFM and EEM needs.

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