NICE system upgrades

System Upgrades

SVL Professional Services can maintain the efficiency of NICE applications to meet operational and business requirements with regular system upgrades.

We have unrivalled experience of updating and upgrading NICE systems using proven methodologies that mitigate against risk and ensure the successful deployment of major system upgrades. All processes are fully documented to clearly communicate any pre-requisites and manage all related activities.

SVL is one of the only NICE partners with the ability to deliver major upgrades and migrations using our own teams of expert installation engineers.

We were also amongst the first to deliver ‘Delta’ migration to NICE Interaction Management 4.1. The tools and migration methods available in this platform allow us to effectively manage risk and significantly reduce the service-affecting impact associated with major upgrades.

However, even with the most careful planning and detailed preparation, major upgrades can still require an outage of the NICE services. In mission critical environments SVL Professional Services offers the use of an optional tactical recording system, fully tested and installed, to maintain recording coverage of priority calls during the outage to the production platform.

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