NICE Investigate

NICE Investigate automates and expedites the whole investigation process, helping to close cases faster and achieve more successful prosecutions.

It enables evidence to be quickly and easily collected across various information silos, automating the entire process and empowering investigators to access the evidence when they need it.

NICE Investigate integrates with existing databases, systems and sources including:

  • Computer-aided dispatch (CAD) systems
  • Record Management Systems
  • Video – including public and private CCTV, in-car, body-worn, interview and crime scene recordings
  • Audio from 999 calls, radio and interview recordings
  • Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems
  • Location systems
  • Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS)
  • Gunshot detection systems
  • Physical evidence including photographs, lab reports, DNA, fingerprints, weapons
  • Forensic extractions from digital devices
  • Social media
  • Other publicly-available content


NICE Investigate provides online portals to enhance the management of digital evidence. They include:

Citizen Portal – allows tips, photos and video to be confidentially shared with police departments around the clock.

Investigation Portal – puts investigators in charge of digital evidence to become more efficient and effective crime solvers.

Prosecution Portal – makes it easy to securely share digital evidence with prosecutors.


NICE Investigate provides a holistic and structured view of all available evidence related to a specific case allowing investigators to “know what you didn’t know”. Using powerful correlation engines, geo-spatial and temporal analytics, suggested evidence is automatically flagged and highlighted to speed up investigations and give valuable new insight.

Evidence Identification – deep search capabilities and analytic tools to identify all the relevant evidence.

Evidence Collection – allows identified evidence to be accessed and collected often across various disparate silos of information including existing databases, systems and sources including Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and Records Management Systems (RMS).

Evidence Management – digital evidence software tool enables data to be viewed logically and holistically whilst proactively grouping and identifying other relevant information and strands of enquiry.

Evidence Sharing – allows collaboration, both internally and externally, while maintaining the evidence integrity and preserving the chain of custody.


  • Close Cases Faster – Advanced, geo-spatial and temporal analytics and correlation engines uncover new insights and connect the dots from all available data sources.
  • Effectively Utilise Professional and Investigative Staff – Eliminates need for investigators to request or wait for copies of evidence.
  • Reduce Operational Costs – Reduces time spent identifying, accessing and reproducing requested information.
  • Increase Organisational Responsiveness – Process automation reduces workloads so fewer requests mean fewer delays.
  • Greater Confidence in Evidence Integrity – Operate with transparency, integrity and the trust of the courts that evidence is secure at all times.

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