RevolutionCloud Automated Speech Transcription

SVL RevolutionCloud includes a revolutionary Automated Speech Transcription capability which enables recordings to be searched for by any word or phrase and allows the results to be viewed in seconds ranked by relevance as text summaries. It also enables the analysis of any data that can be stored as text including email, SMS and instant messaging.

Recordings are automatically transcribed enabling users to quickly and easily identify sections of interest without having to manually listen to entire recordings or search for the relevant parts. Users can click on any part of a transcript to start playback at that point or listen to the whole recording.

Clicking on any particular transcript instantly locates other similar recordings. This can make the review process many times faster than traditional manual methods and delivers significant time savings. Further efficiencies can be achieved through the auto-completion of compliance and quality assessment forms.

RevolutionCloud’s Automated Speech Transcription delivers class-leading levels of accuracy making it a viable solution for organisations of every size to enhance the customer experience whilst achieving a rapid ROI in a wide range of applications including dispute resolution, compliance and quality management applications.

Automated Speech Transcription is also available as part of an on-premise Liquid Voice interaction recording platform or can be specified as a stand-alone application for use with other brands of equipment. Click here for more information

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