An integral part of every customer journey

At SVL, our Solutions Consultants provide an invaluable function for our clients.

In order to achieve the best business objectives and bespoke solutions, our experienced and certified solutions consultants are an integral part of every customer journey. Through years of experience, we truly understand the need for a strong emphasis on robust and agile solutions in order to meet the goals of each unique client.

Digital Transformation

Through a series of on-site or remote consultations and “hands-on” workshops, our pre-sales design specialists will meet with your organisation to find out what you are trying to achieve and clearly articulate how we can help you get there.

Are you looking to create a Digital Transformation strategy, reduce your digital footprint, cut down AHT, reduce your server TCO, or even become a fully cloud-based organisation?

We are here to design a solution that will meet your business objectives.

Every client is unique

Every customer of SVL is aligned with a Solutions Consultant who will get to know you as individuals, as well as a business. Our process follows vendor approved high-and low-level design creation that covers scoping, sizing, provisioning and a technical overview of our solutions and how they can integrate with your current environments. 

Our Solutions Consultancy will assist with new business, or with any ongoing solution advice for existing customers who are looking to upgrade or transition into new areas of product. 

Give us a call and our experts can drop in for a visit  

Legacy Systems

SVL Solutions Consultants will offer an analysis of your current legacy systems. If you are struggling with the integration involved in your existing systems design, please get in touch and we will arrange a time for a call.


Digital Transformation

Your contact centre plays a key role in delivering the digital experience. Let us review your current call recording estate, whether it be Racal, NICE or any of the mainstream recording suppliers, and create a manageable D.T plan.


Our Partners

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We are here to help you with any enquiries you may have. Please leave your details an we will get back to you quickly. If you need a quote, or just an informal chat with one of our experts to ascertain what you really need. From large multi-nationals needing Enterprise Solutions through Blue-light and the Public Sector to smaller organisations just starting, SVL can be your trusted partner.