Needs Analysis

SVL work with large and small organisations to maximise efficiency and value-for-money from the deployments of advanced multi-media applications.

We can begin with a detailed business needs analysis, to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of your current contact centre or control room processes.

QM and Analytics

For Quality Management, we will look at data generated from speech & desktop analytics and customer feedback, and using advanced query tools, automated scoring and graphic visualisation we can improve agent performance.

Find out more about your customer’s thoughts and intentions via our Interaction Analytics Consultancy. We will provide business intelligence and insights that address business challenges.

We help organisations of every size

SVL specialises in the latest advanced robotic automation applications that can drive productivity gains across your organisation.

Our Technical Consultancy will provide a Technical Health Assessment Service which defines and evaluates the implementation of multimedia recording applications to ensure they closely align with your organisation’s objectives.

SVL doesn’t simply work with large interactions centres, we also support businesses with a small contact centre function who need our valuable advice.

Workforce Management

Our WFM team can help with Employee Engagement issues, resource planning, time and scheduling and ‘humanising’ your contact centre. Let us help you interpret the numbers surrounding your people.

Workforce Management Consultancy


From PCI DSS, through to litigation surrounding what was said in a face-to-face conversation. We can advise on the best way to prevent fraudulent chargebacks, GDPR and a variety of compliance-related issues. Contact us for a free consultation.

Compliance and Fraud Prevention

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We are here to help you with any enquiries you may have. Please leave your details an we will get back to you quickly. If you need a quote, or just an informal chat with one of our experts to ascertain what you really need. From large multi-nationals needing Enterprise Solutions through Blue-light and the Public Sector to smaller organisations just starting, SVL can be your trusted partner.