Anne Holmes, Account Director at SVL, talks about the Art of Solution Selling in the world of Contact Centre Technology.

In days gone by, selling technology was often a feature ‘dump’, followed by highlighting the benefits that could potentially be delivered to the customer.

The “blind ‘em with science” approach was regularly seen during a pitch. Big words…..big promises…..and lots of feature ‘bashing’ was the way to impress and build trust.

We most definitely had the best technology and quality solutions, but our sales approach was to dazzle with the technology then simplify the final results.

Now the art of solution selling has evolved and the whole process has become much more consultative.

Our customers are now digital natives, far ‘savvier’ and more articulate about technology than in previous decades. The questions they pose are far more specific and forensic than the simple “Spare me the detail, what will this deliver?” we sometimes saw in the past.

These customers have greater choice than ever before in what has become a very competitive marketplace.

So how can you stand out from the crowd? Well here are my 7 simple steps.

  1. Spend time truly understanding your customer’s business and their pain points.
  2. Identify their need and propose an appropriate solution to address that need.
  3. Ensure the business case will stack up. The finance chief will have to be impressed.
  4. Make sure what is promised is actually delivered.
  5. Provide ongoing support.
  6. Stay honest throughout.
  7. Be there for the long game. Don’t just ‘sell and run’.

I have been selling technology for almost 19 years and find that this fresh approach builds the required trust with our customers.

I have always had trust in my company and have always been there for my customers. That hasn’t changed, but the selling process has evolved and we have had to respond to the needs of the people sitting in front of us.

Testament to our success is the longevity of the relationships we have with our customer base, some of whom have been customers of ours in excess of 20 years. They are now friends and they have helped steer me to improve the methods we use to present, consult and sell.

SVL are still market leaders in 2019 and that is due, not just to the quality of our products and services, but in the way our selling strategy has moved on.

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