How do you use Microsoft Teams?

The workplace has changed at breathtaking speed over the past 2 years. The challenges to all organisations, but particularly those in the Contact Centre industry, have been huge as homeworking has become an integral part of daily life. Using Microsoft Teams as a collaborative tool has been a god-send for most organisations (and people) over this period.

To put this in context, pre-covid Microsoft Teams had 32 million active users. That figure rose to 145 million in April of this year.….and is expected to reach 300 million by the end of this year.

So how do you use teams? As simple internal communications tool to allow staff to talk face-to-face and share files?

Are you getting the most out of Microsoft Teams?


Use Teams as your Telephony Platform and benefit from huge cost savings

Use MS Teams to streamline communication for your organisation’s needs.

Take your existing MS Teams package, and extend it to cover external communications. This is simple and incredibly cost-effective.

You do not need to have a seperate telephony system when you have MS Teams. Simple as that.

Organisations can leverage their existing Teams and 365 deployments by easily integrating Microsoft’s Cloud PBX platform (Phone System) that will quickly enable external communication capabilities.

With this simple change, users can make and receive telephone calls and have all of the standard telephony feature that you would expect from a traditional PBX (private branch exchange) platform, all from within the same Teams window.

This allows companies to easily implement a ‘work from anywhere’ approach across multiple devices.

Microsoft Teams Recording

Microsoft Teams has become the “go to” communications platform. We are delighted to offer two exceptional MS Teams recording tools from our partners NICE and Liquid Voice.

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Microsoft Teams leverages VOIP technology as part of a UCaaS package

Your Microsoft Teams app should be used on VOIP phones and devices

VoIP stands for ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’ or sometimes IP (internet) telephony or even internet calling. It’s an alternative to a public switched telephone network (PSTN)

VoIP converts signals from analog to digital before transmitting them over the internet.

Delivering VOIP telephony can be further enhanced when organisations add more modern collaboration services such as instance messaging (Chat), documentation sharing, video and applications.

When these solutions come together they provide a much more robust and comprehensive user experience, often referred to as Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS).

Let SVL upgrade Teams to provide you with full connectivity

SVL Direct Routing

SVL, with their partner Kubenet, can provide a simple method to move you to a cloud-based telephony PBX system using Microsoft Teams

Direct routing can be used to provide PSTN connectivity to MS Teams users that allows PBX voice calling capability internally and externally in your organisation.

Working with SVL and Kubenet brings the following benefits.

  • Work with a leading Microsoft Partner.
  • The first UK supplier to offer Direct Routing.
  • Simplicity – No PowerShell.
  • User friendly intuitive system.
  • Complete end-to-end solution.

Customers can use their existing SIP trunks or even move to our packaged options that use a dedicated Azure cloud-based Session Boarder Controller that is used to securely deliver traffic via the internet from your MS Teams users to the PSTN network.

Existing PBX features including DDIs, IVR and skills can be automated and setup easily within your Azure Phone System tenant.

This is not as complicated as it sounds. Call us for a demonstration and quote.

Key benefits

Flexibility and Productivity – Allows users to work from anywhere, from any device.  This allows maximum flexibility for your staff.

Reduced Costings – Reduce the operational overhead of separate systems with simple to understand minute bundles for your telephony platform.

Single Platform – Using MS Teams as your sole collaboration and telephony system provides a perfect interface for all internal and external communications.

Contact Centre Functionality – Increase productivity and customer satisfaction using a feature rich platform to enhance how you communicate with your customers.

Flexible Licensing – Options to keep existing 265 licenses or migration to provide additional cost savings.

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