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55 years of SVL

It is always important to celebrate a birthday, or anniversary, and we are hugely proud to celebrate 55 years in business.

Here is our story.

Our company started out as JT Sinclair & Co 55 years ago, the brainchild of James (Jimmy) Sinclair who at that point worked for the Marconi Company in Glasgow. Jimmy had spotted an opportunity and so our origins began in radio car communications for Police cars and Ambulances here in Scotland, as well as instrumentation test and measurement equipment

Recording calls and communications became a big business during the 80s and JT Sinclair grew to offer more sophisticated technology. A partnership was formed with Racal Recorders Ltd (part of the Racal Group) and suddenly room filling reel to reel recording systems became the norm for the business

We journeyed through the analogue technology era of the 80s and 90s, installing our equipment in huge communication rooms across the UK and Ireland.

As the software become even more sophisticated, so did our offering, JT Sinclair was expanding and incorporated in late 1998 becoming Sinclair Voicenet Ltd. The technology had now evolved to fully digital recording platforms, allowing the business to pursue larger deals. This also allowed for greater collaboration with global partners such as BT, Avaya and Cisco.  Along with the acquisition of Racal Recorders by global giant NICE Systems, Sinclair Voicenet was now able to offer world-leading technologies backed up by great customer service and support.

55 years of SVL

The pace of change over the last decade has been incredible with technology evolving at a phenomenal rate. Sinclair Voicenet Ltd has also evolved to become SVL Business Solutions  and we continue to grow both our impressive technology portfolio as well as our client list. We also continue to bolster our very focused, customer centric ethos, employing continuous improvement methodologies. SVL are continuing to evaluate and add market leading technologies to our offering such as Amazon Web Services and Calabrio. This is also backed up by a very strong in house development strategy, allowing us to create unique solutions and integrations to solve long standing technology challenges for our customers

During every step of our journey, the service, support and partnership we provide to our clients has been paramount.  We strongly believe in our people and surrounding our business with the right people means we can provide the best possible relationships for our customers.  All of this helps make SVL the longest-serving trusted advisor to the Contact Centre industry, public safety industry, financial sector and a whole host of other markets in the UK, Ireland and beyond.

Now a multi-million pound organisation, SVL still feels like a family run business to this day, and we are proud that we have not only had clients for decades, but that we have many staff members who have had worked with us for their whole career.

Thank you to our staff, customers, and partners, for supporting us over the last 55 years. Here’s to an even brighter future.

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