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Cloud Technologies bring a global reach

The last 12 months have seen many changes in our industry fuelled by the ferocious speed that software has advanced. One major benefit of the expansion in use of cloud technologies has been SVL’s ability to support our clients globally.

For a company whose history is steeped in supporting UK and Ireland Contact Centres, you would think that extending our consultancy and support overseas would be a massive investment in time and money, however nothing could be further from the truth.

In the last year we have been delighted to partner with outstanding BPO, Dialect Communications. Being able to bring Amazon Connect’s CCaaS solution to this prestigious company has brought huge benefits, but one huge plus has been to work internationally with them.

Our work with Dialect Communications has been fascinating because we enhanced their Amazon Connect solution with an omnichannel multi-lingual customer experience that had a chat translation function with options in English, Polish, Italian and Spanish designed for the Global FinTech market.

With another big brand name, Deliveroo, we are delivering a Calabrio WFM solution scheduling agents in Hong Kong, UAE, Kuwait and Italy.

Servicing both specific countries and language options has brought a new raft of opportunities for SVL and our partners. Cloud technologies require global solutions across all sectors. Our healthcare partner Tunstall now work across Europe and we are having conversations with clients about how we can integrate their international on-premise locations into a single cloud-based environment that supports their collective efforts.

In a short space of time we have crossed continents and timezones with almost effortless ease. I reflect on discussions taking place only a few short years ago about the huge pressures that offering a global service would bring (and therefore should be avoided) and how the truth of how cloud technologies have shrunk the global market to make all corners of the globe equally accessible.

So who knows where SVL will be next year. I for one, will set no limits.

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