Huge efforts have been made to record, analyse and improve every interaction that comes into a contact centre, but what about meetings that take place remotely/face-to-face? We have the solution.

There is a wide and diverse range of roles where capturing a personal, face-to-face conversation is crucial for both good customer service and for legal compliance purposes. 

Examples of meetings include:

These are but a few examples where it is useful to capture all conversations.

How can we review that conversation for compliance and training purposes. Where are the safeguards for both parties?

Well, a non-intrusive solution is at hand, or more precisely on your phone.

You can now record remote meetings with our ‘face-to-face’ compliance solution.

This recording is via a phone/tablet app that provides you with visibility of every in-person interaction your team participates in, be it in-premises/clinic or in a customer’s living room.

Recording these meetings, via the app, allows you to mitigate risk, apply speech analytics and QM procedures to every meeting (not just inbound and outbound contact centre calls) and boost the customer experience.

The insights provided are tremendous in terms of increased revenue, staff training and dispute resolution.

What else will the app do:

This is a fantastic tool which brings a whole range of previously untapped data into the mix to create a fuller picture of your customer’s experience, safeguards everyone involved in a conversation.

Give in touch if you would like to find out more.