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Retail and Travel businesses, of all sizes, have been at the cutting-edge of contact centre developments over the last 2 decades, and SVL have been partner in those sectors all the way.

Latest developments include supporting retail contact centres to invest in A.I. that will attract online shoppers during peak periods to compensate for lower footfall in store

Virtual agents supporting e-commerce transactions

The rise of A.I. in e-commerce transactions has impacted our travel and retail clients, allowing contact centre agents to work from home. SVL support this with both Workforce Management and Quality Management tools to measure, monitor and control activities. 

Blending the use of “virtual” agents and humans waiting to deal with unanswered verbal or written queries has become crucial, supported by real-time coaching, research and call analytics. 

Fraud prevention

Whilst the huge significance of the contact centre function is seen in the retail and travel world, the impact of compliance and, especially, GDPR, PSD2 and CNP (Card not Present) fraud has paralleled this. 

We have developed products in partnership with market-leaders to reduce credit card fraud. Experts say as many as 25 or 30% of on-line transactions could be declined in the immediate aftermath of the switch to Strong Customer Authentication (PSD2) and our SecurePay product is designed to completely mitigate this danger. 


From smb to global multinational

Our depth of experience, over decades, both directly and through partners, makes SVL the first choice for retail and travel businesses. 

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