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Is your Contact Centre Coronavirus ready?

I am willing to help and hope others are too?

Seeing the news this morning has brought this situation even closer to home for us in the UK and Ireland.

Whilst people decide whether to consider this a pandemic situation, I bet many of my closest LinkedIn connections are thinking more along the lines of having a resource plan in place for their organisation.

The latest outbreak in the news might be what has sparked the question for me as I’m hopefully due to go on holiday to Tenerife 6 weeks today and that is now starting to look in doubt.

However, I’ve also had a couple of conversations already this morning which have made me think less selfishly and think about how I can help my Contact Centre connections.

I know having worked for an ambulance service that this uncertainty on the back of winter pressures will be adding to already high stress levels.

Likewise many of our customers at SVL are emergency services and we wish you well during this time.

Beyond this though, have you thought how you would be impacted if you had an outbreak in your contact centre?

I don’t want to cause unnecessary alarm or panic, but if a Hotel can be put in lock down, who is to say that one of our major Contact Centres wont end up in the same situation?

Like I say, not here to scare monger, but hopefully alert people who not already thinking about this topic.

I’d like to offer my experience in Contingency Planning to any Contact Centre that needs my help. Even if you want to just have a quick phone call to talk through your initial concerns I’d be delighted to help.

Lets use this post as a hub for information relating to Coronavirus in Contact Centres. I hope people are happy to share their thoughts and what they have done already on this link.

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