Liquid Voice PCI Compliance

Liquid Voice PCI Compliance

Liquid Voice PCI compliance solutions automate the contact centre process whilst helping to build even higher levels of trust with new and existing customers by providing assurance that their personal data is safe and secure. They offer a seamless, integrated process to ensure that card data is never recorded or stored by agents.

Liquid Voice also provides PCI de-scoping as an alternative. This can be achieved by transferring calls to an automated credit card payment system, using Interactive Voice Response (IVR) or allowing customers to use their telephone keypads to enter the card data whilst on the phone to agents.

Outsourcing payment channels to a compliant service provider does not automatically equate to PCI DSS compliance. Call SVL Business Solutions today to help to determine the most cost effective route to compliance.

A range of approaches are available:


For organisations that take only a small number of payments it may be appropriate to have a number of non-recorded handsets next to payment terminals. When agents wish to take payments, they transfer calls through to the non-recorded extension. This could be answered either by a dedicated payment team or by the agents themselves.


An application is run on agent desktops that monitors for a payment portal being loaded. When a payment portal is detected, the current call recording for the agent will be silenced and when the payment portal is closed, the call recording will be un-silenced. Alternatively, a PCI DSS silencing API can be called from applications to silence or un-silence calls at the appropriate time.


An automated IVR system enables callers to enter payment details using their telephone keypads with agent assistance if required. The tones entered by callers are clamped (removed from the audio) to ensure they are not recorded and that agents are unable to hear them.


Instead of agents taking sensitive information over the phone, calls can be transferred to an automated IVR system where callers can enter the payment details without being recorded.

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