CCaaS and SVL

SVL is recognised as being one of the longest serving trusted partners of organisations both large and small.

We are delighted to work with three world-leading suppliers to offer a unique opportunity for those thinking about investing in a Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) model’

CCaaS is a cloud-based customer experience solution that allows companies not only to utilise an external provider’s software, but purchase only the technology they need, reducing costs dramatically as well as the need for internal IT support and infrastructure.

It is ideal if your operation scales up and down due to seasonal demand, as you pay only for the technology need while, at the same time, your customer experience is expanded and improved.

We work with three world leaders, NICE, Amazon and Microsoft, but if you feel unsure which product best suits your needs, contact SVL and we will give you impartial advice.

SVL CCaaS Partner Network



Proud NICE partners, SVL is delighted to offer the market-leading cloud-based CCaaS product, CXOne by NICE InContact

The contact centre software that makes every customer experience extraordinary.

CXone from NICE InContact gives your team the technology and analytics to resolve issues faster, personalise every experience, and forge deeper loyalty with each customer.

Deploy seamless customisations and pre-built integrations from our ecosystem partners—all through a secure and reliable cloud platform with industry-leading uptime.

CX One is a platform that thinks smarter and works harder, CXone offers unparalleled security and reliability.

Talk to SVL about NICE InContact. We are a Gold Partner of NICE with 20 years experience of working with this outstanding global leader.

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Unified Communications as a Service

SVL’s Unified Communications as a service (UCaaS) is cloud-delivered and supports the six main communications functions.

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Amazon Connect

As member of the Amazon Partner Network, SVL can offer Amazon Connect, Gartner’s Global 2020 Magic Quadrant for Contact Centre as a Service “visionary” solution.

Speed of migration, platform agility and no upfront costs are the key drivers that lead organisations to migrate their traditional contact centre to a CCaaS platform like Amazon Connect.

Expensive, inefficient, and inflexible on-premise systems now lag their cloud-based competitors, with any fears of loss of data or safety issues found totally unwarranted as the Cloud has enterprise level security technology.

Move to the Cloud with SVL and Amazon Connect.

Amazon Connect with SVL


To enhance our CCAAS offering, when offering Amazon Connect to a client. we add some extra functionality through our partners Omningage.

Omningage Connect is the world’s most innovative customer engagement platform for Amazon Connect

The platform is powered by various AWS services and offers rich customer context and journey data to agents. Armed with the data, agents can offer personalized customer service resulting in engaging interactions and amazing customer experiences.

Contact centre supervisors and teamleaders get a 360-degree view of interactions, team performance, queue statistics and customer experience through a single desktop.

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Microsoft Teams

Join the CCaaS revolution with SVL and Microsoft.

You can extend your existing Microsoft Teams package and use Teams as your Telephony Platform, benefitting from huge cost savings.

Organisations can leverage their existing Teams and 365 deployments by easily integrating Microsoft’s Cloud PBX platform (Phone System) that will quickly enable external communication capabilities.

Micrsoft Teams doesn’t simply allow external calls, but includes range of functionality. You can move seamlessly between chat, calling and meetings, depending on your needs in that moment. You can share documents and work as a team with group call pickup, delegation, and shared line appearance.

Teams puts all your communication tools in one secure place.


CCaaS with Microsoft Teams and SVL

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