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The true meaning of CCAAS

Over the last few months, since I joined SVL, I have been on a real learning journey.  It has been fantastic to learn not only from the vastly experienced team here at SVL, but also from our wonderful partners and vendors we work with.

I feel like have joined SVL at a really exciting time in the industry. Looking back, investing in Contact Centre technology was a lengthy and hugely expensive project. The pace of change was slowed by the fact that any new project took a long time to plan and deliver, as well as needing a potentially huge up-front investment … Those days have passed, I am relieved to say!

What has stood out, for me, is the massive impact the CCaaS (Contact Centre as a Service) model has had to the industry.

CCaaS is a cloud-based customer experience solution that allows companies not only to utilise world leading vendor’s software, but purchase only the technology they need, reducing costs dramatically, and reduce the expensive need for internal IT support and infrastructure.

But what is the true meaning of CCaaS? To me, it empowers organisations to be more agile, improve their customer service, plus enabling them to access new and additional technologies affordably and quickly.

The CCaaS model works extremely well when a customer experience operation is required to scale up and down for seasonal demand, as they will only pay for the technology needed. The scalability of the solutions work for organisations of all sizes, and the quality is the same if you have 10 or 10,000 seats in your centre. At the same time CCAAS creates an improved, consistent customer experience and enhances customer loyalty to the organisation. 

SVL are proud to offer three market leading solutions, NICE, Amazon Connect and Microsoft. What I really love is the agnostic approach we offer to clients and having a portfolio of several CCaaS solutions means we can really match the client with the correct CCaaS technology that meets their business needs.

We are not just a “seller of software” here at SVL, we have an amazing in-house team of dedicated field experts in pre-sales, project managers, solutions architects and engineers who look after hundreds of clients, 365 days a year – we really do pride ourselves in our quality of service.

As I was particularly drawn to the CCaaS products, I have been really lucky to work with OMNINGAGE. They offer Omningage Connect – which is the world’s most innovative customer engagement platform for Amazon Connect. Their unique desktop platform offers rich customer context and journey data to agents. Armed with this, agents can offer personalised customer service across all channels meanwhile boosting their FCR and NPS.

So, if you’ve been thinking about moving your contact centre to the cloud, or looking for a new CCaaS solution, drop me a line on or meet me on LinkedIn – I’d love to help

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