Started in 1967

The company was the brainchild of James Sinclair, who had previously worked for Marconi Company Ltd in Glasgow.

Its origins were based in Telcommunications for the Public Services, particularly the local Ambulance and Police Forces.

Alongside the engineering needed in radio cars and communications, the new business was steeped in the sale and use of Electrical Testing equipment for those radios.

East Kilbride

Based in the ‘New’ town of East Kilbride, the company quickly grew to serve not only ‘Blue Light’ organisations, but UK contact centres covering a wide range of sectors and needs.

As the 70’s/80s progressed, the demand to record calls and communications became a big business, especially as the technology to capture voice recording became more sophisticated.

‘Sinclairs’ became a supplier of Racal Recorders. When you think of the volume of calls that can be recorded digitally today across many channels, ‘Sinclairs’ then offered cutting-edge Racal technology in 1985, a one-inch wide tape, the size of a dinner plate, that lasted just 25.5 hours.

Nineties and Noughties

This was the analogue era, where Engineers in vans would visit huge recording rooms and maintain banks of tape and mountainous equipment, up to their ears in “Wordsafes” using VHS tape.

Technologies moved from analogue to digital, and the client base along with their needs expanded.

The company was handed over to James’s son Stuart, who is MD to this day.

Well-known faces (still with us today) joined the business including Peter Gough, Rohan Newton, Anne Holmes, Derek Porelli and Steven Perrins.

In 2000, Racal were taken over by the French Telecommunications company, Thales Contact Solutions and the business (now Sinclair VoiceNet Ltd) had a fresh set of new voice recording technologies to sell to its expanding customer base.

From Sinclair Voicenet to SVL

Software solutions were now the order of the day. Sinclair Voicenet had blue-chip companies (like Clydesdale Bank, BT, Student Loans Company, Kwik-Fit Insurance) on their books and were growing rapidly.

Thales were then taken over by NICE Ltd, for whom we have been a portfolio and fully-certified service delivery partner for over 15 years.

In 2015 the company rebranded to become SVL Business Solutions, follwed by a transition to SVL in 2020.

The business has grown strongly over the years, with almost 40 staff across the United Kingdom offering Sales, Pre-Sales, Project Management, Engineering, Maintenance and Consultancy services.

We have numerous partners, both across business sectors and our product range, and are delighted to now be the UK’s most experienced specialist provider of multimedia interaction recording and contact centre applications.

Talk to us

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