its good to talk

It’s good to talk

Our Business Development Manager Debbie Bicker would like to talk to Telecommunications and I.T. companies across the UK.

The Bob Hoskins adverts for BT became iconic in the 1990’s and the slogan became widely known as a term used whenever better communication was needed.

I had the pleasure of working for both BT and, more recently, for a very highly regarded communications company for over a decade. At the sharp end of a sales role, product knowledge was essential and we offered a quality range of hardware and software to our blue-chip clients.

Over the last decade, the software connected to the communications industry has become more sophisticated, farther reaching and, with the impact of Artificial Intelligence, ever more powerful.

When I think back to my other roles, selling hardware and infrastructure to a businesses across the UK, there were so many issues that impacted my clients that stretched the capacity of even the highest quality Business Telephone Systems.

Since arriving at SVL, I have been introduced to sector-leading software which will record and analyse calls, integrate with back-office operations, organise staff work flows and crucially, keep clients legally compliant when taking card payments over the phone.

Compliance is huge for organisations of every size and recent legal changes to both PCI (Payment Card Industry) and GDPR regulations have placed a lot of pressure on staff who may be liable, from Managing Director downwards.

When I digested all this information, it became clear to me that Telecommunications and I.T. businesses could greatly benefit from becoming partners of SVL.

My Directors have agreed that we could find mutually beneficial agreements with forward-thinking UK partners who could add the benefits of our expertise, software and first-class support to their product portfolio.

What can we offer, includes:

  • Expanded customer base – by creating strategic alliances, companies can reach a broader range of clients than currently possible with our own sales teams.
  • Deeper product portfolio – both businesses are then able to offer a broader range of services to current customers and prospects.
  • Support – with experts on call 24/7, you can trust that SVL installed software will be expertly cared for.
  • Integration – our pedigree is based upon working with a range of technologies and existing client I.T infrastructures.
  • Value for money – you will benefit from the ability to sell without having to invest in infrastructure or staffing.

Of course there is a whole lot more to discuss, but that’s where I would be interested in hearing from you if you think your business would be an excellent partner for SVL.

At every stage, we would provide a dedicated Account Manager to support you personally, we pride ourselves on our customer service.

Does this sound like your business? If so, drop me a line, or give me a call, after all “It’s good to talk”


Debbie Bicker is Business Development Manager here at SVL and heads up our Small Business Consultancy.

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