Our Business Development Manager, Lee Sheard, compares his experiences coaching in youth football with good planning and practice in the workplace.

Outside the wonderful world of contact centre technology, I have coached Drighlington Juniors, a young under 16s Leeds-based team sponsored by SVL Business Solutions, for over 8 years.

I’m going to dazzle you with some statistics, prepare to be impressed –

  • 3 seasons
  • 2 League Titles
  • 3 District Cups
  • 1 League Cup
  • 1 Northern Champions League Trophy

Now the success enjoyed over the last 3 seasons was a result of all the hard work everyone involved has put in from the very beginning.

We made sure that we had everything we needed to reach our goal, this included, a clear vision of what we wanted to achieve, planning and setting milestones for our journey and, the most vital ingredient, making sure we were all committed and pulling in the same direction.

In sport it’s very difficult to become successful overnight, but as a team we understood the journey we needed to go on to ultimately reach our goal.

We learned a lot about each other (all the foibles and quirks), realising the only way to achieve our goal was to create a trusting partnership, between players, coaches and parents.

8 years on, Drighlington Juniors are still based around a crop of original boys, but when new players join us they quickly adopt the same attitude and commitment. We have the recipe for success.

Teamwork and Partnerships

The story of my team is one I am very proud of, but in my role as Business Development Manager at SVL, my approach to achieving success is exactly the same.

  • Understand the objective.
  • Create a plan and milestones to success.
  • Nurture a trusting partnership with all parties.

In this way, I believe we all have the best chance of achieving our goals.

I could have easily have written an article filled with glowing testimonials from happy clients, but I actually think this paints a better picture about how I work. Here’s a previous blog about my work with the ‘blue light’ sector, if you are interested.

But now I’m looking for something in return, dear reader. SVL is expanding and seeking to add to our already impressive list of business partners. Does your business have synergy with ours? If so, I’d love to hear from you for an informal discussion (no strings).

Drop me a line via LinkedIn or email lsheard@svlbusinesssolutions.com

Thanks for reading.

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