enhance customer interactions to deliver business improvements

Interaction Analytics applications from SVL Business Solutions applies structure to the unstructured data of customer contacts enabling contact centres to extract insights from telephone calls, emails, social media, web and online chat sessions to enhance customer interactions and deliver business improvements..

Industry leading vendors

Working with industry leading vendors, SVL brings unparalleled experience in deploying the right technology with the right processes to deliver the required business objectives.

SVL analytics solutions can leverage LVCSR (speech to text transcription), Neural Phonetic Indexing or a combination of both combined with powerful data analysis and reporting capabilities.

Automated Speech Transcription

As part of our offering, we can provide an Automated Speech Transcription service which enhances the ability of client contact centres to locate and replay recordings for dispute resolution, compliance and quality management applications.  Our business clients will enjoy a cost effective application which deploys and generates text transcripts that can be reviewed many times faster than traditional manual methods.


Content Analytics

Our clients can add a Content Analytics application to provide additional insight to support improvements in operational efficiency, risk management and revenue generation. It identifies the most important and useful interactions using automatic classification and categorisation, emotion-detection, keyword and phrase spotting.

  • Unlimited search terms
  • Key-phrase tagging
  • Standardised KPI’s
  • Custom metrics
  • QM integration
  • Compliance
  • Risk management
  • Real-time processing

Analytics Consultancy

Our Interactions Consultancy Team can be retained for any length of time to partner with businesses and run its analytics programmes alongside client teams. The Consultancy team can be engaged as little or as much as a business needs. Companies who take advantage of the Consultancy Services’ knowledge, expertise, and cost effectiveness enjoy speedy results, lower costs, and a faster return on investment than companies who choose to implement and run interaction analytics on their own

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