Enhance customer interactions to deliver business improvements

Interaction Analytics applications from SVL  applies structure to the unstructured data of customer contacts enabling contact centres to extract insights from telephone calls, emails, social media, web and online chat sessions to enhance customer interactions and deliver business improvements..

Calabrio Interactions Analytics

Find the bottlenecks. Increase operational efficiency. Mitigate risk and drive compliance with Calabrio and SVL.

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NICE Interactions Analytics

Deliver exceptional Customer experiences with NICE and SVL using Interactions Analytics.

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Quality Management

The expectations of the modern customer has changed. Contact Centres must be able uncover actionable insights across all contact channels, leverage automation and link quality metrics to business objectives.

Manual processes limit Quality Assurance teams – as a result, they find that they simply do not have enough resources to meet their call centre goals.

SVL offers Quality Management solutions to save time and drive better decision-making.

  • Uncover actionable insights that help empower agents.
  • Satisfy customers with great service.
  • Drive efficiency, giving your organisation a competitive advantage.
  • Monitor and Improve Key Metrics.
  • Customers have reported the following:
    • decrease in average handle time.
    • decrease in hold time.
    • increase in customer satisfaction.
    • increase in first call resolution.
    • improvement in sales effectiveness.

Content Analytics

Our clients can add a Content Analytics application to provide additional insight to support improvements in operational efficiency, risk management and revenue generation. It identifies the most important and useful interactions using automatic classification and categorisation, emotion-detection, keyword and phrase spotting.

  • Unlimited search terms
  • Key-phrase tagging
  • Standardised KPI’s
  • Custom metrics
  • QM integration
  • Compliance
  • Risk management
  • Real-time processing

Automated Speech Transcription

As part of our offering, we can provide an Automated Speech Transcription service which enhances the ability of client contact centres to locate and replay recordings for dispute resolution, compliance and quality management applications.  Our business clients will enjoy a cost effective application which deploys and generates text transcripts that can be reviewed many times faster than traditional manual methods.


Use analytics to protect vulnerable staff

“It’s ok to not be ok.”

You’ve heard this saying many times, and it has been strongly reiterated during #lockdown

Even when your agents are #homeworking, you can care and look after them, even when they say they are “fine”.

Protect your most valuable assets, your people, by monitoring every #interaction using our state-of-the-art #analytics package.

You can measure any stress, discomfort or vulnerability and take prompt actions to help!

Turn 1% of calls assessed into 100% and look after your homeworking team #mentalhealth

Call us on 01355 900000 or email info@svl.co.uk for a no-strings demo.

Using speech analytics to protect Vulnerable Customers

There is increased pressure on organisations to improve their level of care for vulnerable customers from regulators. OfGen/FCA are increasingly monitoring compliance across the sector.

Over half of UK adults (25.6 million people) show one or more characteristics of potential vulnerability, and contact centres face the problem of reputational damage, increased anxiety amongst front-line staff and huge fines for regulators, if they do not recognise and treat vulnerable customers with care.

As only a small number of calls are ever monitored for quality purposes, how can contact centres get ahead of this seeming inevitable problem?

We have a speech analytics package that will not only red flag interactions with potentially vulnerable people but by using new “Sentiment Analytics” will seek conversations where a customer may exhibit concerning behaviour and allow for a follow-up.

Speech Analytics for Vulnerable Customers

Legacy Data

Migrate your legacy data into one safe, secure and supported environment in a cost effective manner.

What SVL offer is a cost-effective, straight-forward solution that will resolve all your legacy date issues.

Using automation, we can migrate all your legacy data (data/recordings/files) to one single system that is still held in your environment.

We can then transcribe all your calls, converting speech-to-text, and then use meta-data to search for any sensitive information you may require, or wish to redact.

All this information is then placed in a ‘live’platform, in your environment or in the cloud, Full protected and, vitally, easily searchable

Legacy Data product

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